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I've submitted The Legend of Equip > Pants to Apple for approval! I've got lots of news to catch up on. Here's some updates about my progress, the game's cost and in-app purchases, as well as an Episode 1 story teaser.

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I've got a lot of exciting news to catch up on! I've been hard at work on the iOS version of my game, which will release first... because of that focus to finish I'm behind on my updates here. Facebook and Chrome releases will come next for folks on Win/Mac/Linux.

Quick Progress Update

Episode 1 secrets, accomplishments, and play testing done!
Episode 2 testing done!
iOS porting and device resolution independence done!
iOS platform payment integration done!

I submitted to Apple yesterday (Wed, Nov 6)!
So now I sit here in the Inn of the Pantsing Pony waiting for approval. ;)

Animation of Inn.

That's me over there on the left. I've put myself into the game.
You will be able to find me in the Inn in Episode 1.

In-Game Purchases

The game will be free to play. I've decided to put in some intentionally amusing (I hope!) In-App Purchase possibilities instead of charge for the game. I think a free install will make the game more accessible and encourage more people to try it out. You will be able to purchase me drinks at the Inn, and there is also a story choice that can be unlocked.

in-game stores.

Episode 1 is titled "The Underwerewolf"

The iOS launch version of the game will have two episodes. This is only the beginning of the journey. I will need players to join me on my quest to release more episodes, and the nature of the episodes will evolve over time based on your feedback.

The Underwerewolf.

Thanks for reading!

splingtwanger - - 175 comments

Nice! The Inn looks awesome. Not sure how I feel about the DLC-ish unlockable story content, but it's much better than things like weapon and armour packs (coughs mass effect).

Will there be any major differences between the versions of the game on different platforms, or will it for the most part be the same game?

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zachstronaut Author
zachstronaut - - 28 comments

I don't expect any differences across platforms I don't think.

I hear you about unlockable content. My approach is to let you have a full game experience without having to unlock if you don't want to. And I think when you see what the unlockable actually is you'll see my sense of humor about the whole thing.

I could have just charged $X.XX per episode, but that's going to turn a bunch of people away as well I think? The game is so young that I'd like lots of people to try it.

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splingtwanger - - 175 comments

Fair enough! You seem to have a good grasp on how you want to direct the project, most of EA's DLC has just left a bad taste in my mouth.

The prices seem quite low, too. Don't be afraid to bump them up a little bit, if you plan to do game development full time I wouldn't want you going broke!

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zachstronaut Author
zachstronaut - - 28 comments

Thanks for your continued support and kind words! :)

I can play with the pricing as a way to encourage people to try out the paid features. These will be my special low launch prices. People who wait to try the paid stuff might miss out on the low prices!

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copaeci - - 92 comments

Looks cool... My question; so there're 2 different stories here? What's the drink used for? Developer's tip or buy next episode? How long the trial version lasts?

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zachstronaut Author
zachstronaut - - 28 comments

I am launching with 2 episodes which are 2 different stories. There will be more episodes to come, mostly being self-contained stories like a cartoon show on TV.

The drinks at the Inn are a way to support my development.

The game itself will be free. There is no trial period. You get the full game for free, and you can choose to support it by buying things in the tavern or unlocking optional story events.

Thanks for your questions!

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