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Hey Guys! So this past few weeks I have really filled out the inventory system in pixelot. This means allowing players to pick up items, equip them, and have the item’s stats be added to their character’s stats! I have also added chests to the overworld that contain powerful equipment! This will be primary way to pick up relic items!

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Players have 5 different equipment slots to put gear into: helm, cloak, armor, relic, and weapon! Helms and armor fall into three categories: heavy, medium, and light. Each class can only equip heavy, medium, or light armor. Heavy armor has a high defense rating, and low (if any) resistance. Similarly, light armor has low defense and high resistance. Medium armor has a relatively even amount of defense and resistance, favoring defense at higher levels. To remind you, defense reduces the damage taken by normal attacks, while resistance lowers the damage taken by elemental attacks. Similar to armor and helms, each class can only equip a few types of weapons. Whether they are swords, axes, maces, staves, bows or even spears.

Players will be able to really customize their characters by their characters based on which cloaks and relics they select. Cloaks can have any type of stat on them and do not necessarily have defense or resistance on them! Relics usually do not have stats, but rather effects! These effects could be extra critical strike, extra damage, piercing to ignore a portion of enemy defense or resistance, the ability to self revive in combat, resistance to certain elements, and much much more! The possibilities are endless and I want the players to enjoy the experience of discovering them!

I’ve really filled out the unit screen to allow players to equip items. You can click on any item slot in the unit page, and you will be presented with a list of equippable items. Just click on the item you want and it will be equipped! I’ve also added an inventory screen so you can view all the items you have and even filter by the type of item!

For the latest updates about Pixelot please check out my Twitter!

As always, let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions!

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