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I discuss plans for the next demo release and talk about a few of the things that have been worked on since the last release, ranging from single player missions, units, and factions.

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Invasion Confirmed, Things to ComeSummer is nearly over and school starts up in a few short weeks, but nevertheless you’re gonna have another IC Playable Demo to look forward to in the coming months! The Release as of now is aimed for coming out sometime mid December, and should be jammed pack with new content to keep you busy for a while. What’s to be included? New units, new maps, new Ai, a new side, further balancing of existing content, and for the first time in IC history, campaign missions!I know it’s a little early to be talking about something that’s going to be released in three months, but we’ve already been working for three months since the last release, so why not? So lets talk about something we are currently developing: The Single Player Experience. IC began as a mod for people to play against each other, but sometimes, it’s fun just to set a skirmish up and take on as many AI enemies as you can at your leisure. Sometimes you want to play through a campaign, and now, we’re making it so you can. We’re starting at the beginning, and have done work recreating missions from the original Red Alert. This missions follow the originals as closely as possible, and come in three varieties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy and normal will be roughly the same experience with the latter adjusted for difficulty, while hard will be true to it’s name. We’ll be upping the enemies’ forces and throwing in a few monkey wrenches so you’ll have to rethink your strategy. Those conveniently placed exploding barrels? Good luck finding them on hard. The differences between Normal and Hard will add a lot of replay ability. Skirmish AI is also going to get another poster child, and with the next demo, another AI will be fully functional.The Red Alert 3 Allies have been worked on as shown in released screen shots, and with the next release, expect to be able to play them in all their glory. They will be IC’s signature ‘Air Force’ Faction, as they have more planes than any other faction, totally in with 5 birds to dominate the sky. Other factions have had unit’s added that seemed to slip through the cracks, like the attack dog. Even Yuri, long forgotten, has had work picked up on him with the addition of the Psionic Tower and everyone’s favorite naval unit, the Boomer Submarine.So keep checking MobDB for updates and stay tuned for the IC Demo, which is due sometime in December, right around the holidays.

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