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Let's go over what we've done so far and what we should see in the future.

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Whoops this is one day late!

As you know, the aim of SUPERMOD is to recreate SUPERHOT's playstyle in Half-Life 2's Source Engine.

So anyways, let's go over what we have so far in SUPERMOD:

  • 'Time moves when you move' gameplay
  • 50% done recreating the visual style
  • A viewable replay
  • One level (well it's not really done yet)
  • One weapon holdable at a time

Now let's go over what we need:

  • More identical visuals to SUPERHOT
  • Multiple levels (I'm thinking four-five)
  • A release build

Here's a video:


Do you plan on having levels that are set up in a more interesting way than the one shown? I think adding some buildings with windows and some verticality will always help any type of shooter.

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Oh my Cosmos! Sounds awesome!

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Looks very promising, I've always wanted a Mod for Half-Life that's like SUPERHOT.

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