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A small introduction about who we are and whats our Tetris-like game Siege Breaker is about.

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Who are we?

Hey, we are Team BlockIt and we would like to introduce us to you!

We are first semester students at the School4Games, studying Game Design, Game Art or Game Engineering.

Every semester we create a project over a timespan of 21 weeks. By publishing our games we hope to receive feedback we can use to improve our knowledge as game developers.

About our game:

The theme of the project was "reinventing a classic game" so we went with our all-time favourite, Tetris!

Paired with our combined efforts, Tetris became Siege Breaker - a fast paced quadruple Tetris in the medieval Lands of Tristania!

We are working on this project for 17 weeks now and we would like to give you a little insight where we stand right now.

Key features:

  • A high resolution pixel art style and a Zelda-like fantasy setting!
  • Fast paced quadruple Tetris highly challenging!
    • Blocks spawn from four different sites and you can only controll the blocks on one site at the time!
    • Switch the sites on wich you want to navigate the blocks!
  • Store fuction to sotre blocks and switch them for optimal combinations!
  • Custom game mode to adjust settings like speed and speed increase to create a individual difficulty for a special Tetris experience!
  • Collect as many points as possible to achieve the best Highscore and compare yourself with other players online in an Highscore list!

About the story behind the setting:

You are the King in the Land of Tristania. Evil monsters have overrun the world and your castle is the last existing bastion holding them off! Defend your castle with the help of the mind controlling magicians, which navigate the monsters in rows so they can destroy them with a powerful AoE Spell!

I hope we were able to give you a little overview of our game and you`ll enjoy playing it :)

The demo will be approximately published this Week! For the exact demo release date follow us on Facebook or Twiiter, where we will announce the launch!

We will frequently update our game and post some screenshots and ingame footage, so stay tuned!

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