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General information about the upcoming mod. Read this if you are here for the first time.

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Medievalism - upcoming M&B II: Bannerlord mod


Hello ladys and knights, maids and knaves! You may have played Persistent World or Feudal World in Mount&Blade I: Warband. These mods are great and we all had great times there. We think it's time to bring this to a new level with Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. We aim for a new multiplayer mod remembering things which worked well, improving things which didn't and adding a lot of great stuff pouring out of our brains using the great tools Bannerlord will bring with it.

Why "Medievalism"?

We think that common names like "feudal", "ancient" or "middle ages" don't cover the thing we have in mind when we talk of a medieval world. Medievalism covers everything. There is no limitation in political, ideological, religious or cultural matters. And that's what we want to enable. No matter if you want to play as the king of a persian empire, be a member of a barbaric horde of mongols or just doing your own thing as lonely maid collecting mushrooms.

Core features

  • Multiplayer mod with own server and in-house community management instead of many smaller servers with questionable administration
  • Well balanced medieval economy and community simulation
  • Well balanced player groups (newbies, serfs, factions, roleplayers, fighters, adventurers,...)
  • A whole bunch of ressources, items and objects
  • Expanded crafting recipes and mechanisms
  • Roleplaying items and roleplaying areas coexisting with survival, economy and combat elements
  • Realistic map covering all climatic zones and cultures
  • Alternative ways for training and skilling

Highlights and what makes it special

  • No loading bars. We'd rather kill ourselves
  • Completely rethought systems for inventory, gathering ressources, working and living
  • Randomized, unique properties coming with a new player character
  • You won't be able to walk through the town with full plate after 30 minutes


Q: The game's not out. How can you make a mod then?

A: We are aware of that. We are in concept state at the moment. We won't post images of artificial 3d models, maps or concept art. We think it's a waste of time and we discuss balancing and features instead of this. But be sure: As soon as Bannerlord and the development tools are released we will mod the shit out of it!

Q: What motivates you?

A: We had great times with Persistent World, Feudal World and our own project, a hardcore survival Minecraft mod set in medieval times. But we think that some reasons lead to problems or a lack of players: Missing features, missing modding interfaces, boredom as well as horrible administration. So we decided to hop on the Bannerlord train and create something completely new. We want to have fun in our own mod. If it's ready, people can join this experience.

Q: Are you looking for team members?

A: Yes, why not, talents are welcome.

Q: I have ideas and want to talk with you. I want to make sure my thoughts find the right way in an upcoming mod. How to do this?

A: Just contact us. We will read and answer all messages.

Best regards

Gamerations development team

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