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An update to say what I'll be posting in the near future and an introduction on what Therium-2 really is.

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Hey, y'all!

So this is the first real post on the ModDB page, so I'll use this to actually give some details on what I'll be posting here.

First of all, Therium-2 is going to be a level campaign with multiple paths and multiple endings. You can either go through the A, B, C, D or F path. Each path has its own storyline, visual style, gameplay elements and narrative. For example, the A path is more linear and violence focused, the B path is more concentrated on stealth… all that jazz.

There are tons or new stuff implemented exclusive to Therium-2, including new weapons, new enemies, yadda yadda I've already mentioned this. I'm not going to reveal ALL of it just to keep it from being spoiled, of course, but anything that's worth sharing will be posted here.

That will include screenshots, videos, gameplay elements, bits of lore and backstory, stuff like that.

I'll be spending some time from now posting the stuff I've already posted in the Wolfire Forums to give non-preorderers an ability to know what it's all about, and after that, I'll keep giving out screenshots and posts whenever I can share something worth seeing for all of you.

So either way, more about Therium-2 will be revealed soon enough. See ya later.

feillyne Staff

This mod could be epic with some semi-pro voice acting.

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TI-Timbles Author

Overgrowth doesn't support voice acting yet, but I'm not sure I'd want to implement voice acting once it does. Though I'm imagining it now, and it does sound awesome...

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