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An introductory post about the project, progress and plans.

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What is Blight?

Blight is a 3D hack ‘n slash, action/horror role playing game set in the post apocalyptic medieval fantasy world of Berigan. Blight has been in heavy development since May 2015 by a 2 man development team. It’s being created with the Unity 5 engine for the PC, which will be distributed via Steam through Greenlight.

Blight blends traditional hack ‘n slash combat with a blend of werewolf inspired abilities. Stab, bite and pounce your way through the unforgiving world of Berigan.

There's plenty more info on the game and progress images on our new website

Our Current Progress

Up until now we’ve kept the project and our progress very much between ourselves. We have the bulk of our design documentation looking relatively solid, our initial prototype is progressing incredibly well and already has the beginnings of several key features implemented along with a playable environment to explore.

Our biggest obstacle so far has been the lack of custom art and animations. We're currently making use of the Unity Asset Store for a bulk of our environment art, but we've had to create our own placeholder character models for the project, as well as the occasional custom animation.

Neither of us are artists or animators, so if you're either, we really could use your help! If you're interested, head over to our website for more information on the roles we need.

Plot Summary

First the lands of Berigan were ravaged by the great war, which saw once sworn enemies fight side by side against a common enemy. The alliance armies defeated the invaders, but their victory was short-lived. A far greater threat was looming. A powerful and seemingly unstoppable force began to sweep through the lands, draining and twisting what little life remained.

The invaders in their ignorance and desperation, managed to inflict this force, which would be later known as the Blight and those affected by it power, the Blighted. The Blighted, however feel differently. They view themselves as the enlightened, the chosen ones of Berigan and those unaffected by it’s power are to be purged. The Blight has spread to almost all of the capitals and those who aren’t slain by the Blighted, become a part of them.

You play the role of one of last known remaining survivors, holed up within the walls of the Rillian Palace. You and the remaining survivors are seemingly immune to the effects of the Blight, whilst those around you succumbed to it’s power. Still trapped inside the Palace walls, you and your fellow survivors have few choices left to make. Do you wait to die at the hands of the Blighted or make your attempt to escape the palace in hopes there is somewhere still left in Berigan that is unaffected and safe from the Blight?

Current & Planned Main Features

We’ll probably take this out or edit it later.

  • Unique blend of traditional Hack ‘N Slash Combat, with the addition of several werewolf inspired abilities.
  • Variety of races each with their own unique cultures, weapons, armour and architectural designs.
  • Different racial traits and behaviours.
  • Simple, Yet Highly Customisable Character Build System
  • Modular Armour System
  • Large Variety of Weapon and Armours To Suit All Playstyles
  • Large Variety of Spell Types
  • Unique Spell Quickslot system that promotes experimentation and exploration.
  • Non-linear Level Design


Interesting. I am testing a Similar game.

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Pretty interesting project. Looking forward to test that modular armour system.

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Gromi7 Author


I'm looking forward to that too, but it's quite low on the list of priorities right now.

We're working on overhauling the AI at the minute and fixing a few annoying issues.

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