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Announcing Walrus Tusk Boxing, the fighting game for walruses and walrus-wannabes everywhere!

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Hello all, I am PlanMan, I also go by IchBinJager on YT. I am here today to announce Walrus Tusk Boxing, my fighting game to be released for Android, and possibly later on iOS given that sales do well enough on Android.

In Walrus Tusk Boxing, you are, you guessed it; a walrus. You start by naming your walrus, then are given the prologue; you are a poor walrus living in a cardboard box. You want to end your poverty by becoming the greatest tusk boxer of all time, and getting all the clams in the progress.

In Walrus Tusk Boxing, you start off relatively weak having been starved for so long. The first few opponents are relatively easy, except for the first who, is really pretty much just a push over. You have different combo moves, which have different effects. Like some combo moves can deal more damage against an opponent with a lot of health, whereas others can work well when an opponent is on the defensive often.

Stay tuned to Walrus Tusk Boxing for more news.

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