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It happened in the split of a second: after almost a year of waiting and waiting the entire japanese faction was completed in less than a forthnights time.

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The time has come! Amorphous masses of infantry will break into fearless melee charges! Hopelessly obsolete tanks will roll onto the shores of the polynesian isles! Zero pilots will unbucke their seatbelts and crash themselves into the american scoundrels, for the glory of the emperor!

In barely a decade, the japanese empire had expanded across the entire pacific region. At the outbreak of World War 2, they had the most sophisticated aircraft, most extensive fleet, and most notoriously brutal soldiers. However, their massive conquerings came to be their downfall, as the fragile supply lines were cut off between the isles and thousands of men came to be stranded, starving, and incapacitated on isotated pockets of land across the sea.

From the left: Officer, Soldier, Engineer

Japan is highly oriented around it's fleet and infantry, being able to maintain naval supply lines while storming pacific islands with furious infantry charges. The lone soldier is weak, but the proximity of an officer boosts their defense and also provides the ability to draw their katanas and order a banzai charge!

The japanese Ha-Go Light Tank and Chi-Ha Medium tank were the backbone of the japanese armored strength, although the thin armor, overly complicated design and poor performance made them hopelessly inferior to everything they were put up against.

The lack of strength in the japanese tanks puts emphasis on the use of infantry, off-shore bombardment and air superiority in the way Japan is played.

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was far ahead of it's time at it's arrival, with a speed and climb rate that was unmatched by all opposition. However, it quickly became obsolete and was instead used for kamikaze attacks targeting american carriers as the USMC approached the japanese home isles.

It is the fastest fighter in the game, but is somewhat more fragile than it's allied counterparts.

Further, we have the D3A Aichi "Val" dive bomber - a much sturdier and slower plane, but also more resiliant with a decent fuel time.

Finally, the G4M "Betty" Heavy Bomber is the lightest and fastest of it's kind, designed with complete disregard of armor in order to make it lighter and to increase the flight time. It is a precision bomber with a short carpet and light bomb load, but can operate at impressive distances and drop it's bombs far out on the ocean if needed.

Note: Planes of this class cannot land on aircraft carriers.

The japanese navy in World in Flames strikes hard and fast, with Tone-Class Cruisers, Kongō-class battleships and Akagi-Class carriers included i the starting naval force. Battleships now have the ability to attack tanks and buildings on land as a secondary attack rather than by using a "bombard" spell.

That concludes this update, but since we now have our ModDB profile sorted out, i can promise that more updates are soon to come.

Until then, Tennōheika banzai!

C&C-Pickled - - 1,338 comments

Nice! But the Japanese infantry look so... special

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I_Love_Cat Author
I_Love_Cat - - 98 comments

Yeah, they look a bit funny, but you will be seeing them at a very long distance.

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SeijiHaitani - - 156 comments

Looks nice enough.

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RedAlex - - 11 comments

It's look so great. Waiting mod!

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De.Facto - - 357 comments

Neat, keep it up!

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