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The start of Pixel Creature Arena and what we are planning to do in the following weeks.

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Pixel Creature Arena

Hello everyone, I am the maker of Pixel Creature Arena. The game that my company, PM-ICT, is currently working on. I am here to talk a bit about the game itself and what to expect from it later.

The Gameplay

So, the game will feature different monsters that you will be able to fight against and capture yourself. Those fights usually feature a 4vs4 fight unless the player itself chooses to play with less monsters. We are hoping to feature enough fun and interesting monsters for you to capture and build your team with.

The game will be on mobile, PC and MAC. Currently the fighting is done as you can see in the image above and two of the monsters are ready to fight and be captured. Here you can see them both with their animation:

We are hoping you guys liked the little blog about the game and hopefully will follow with us in our journey to finish this game. Currently we are planning on releasing a blog every friday.

Thank you,

Patrick de Mooij

Owner of PM-ICT

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