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(Tastes finger, dipped in red liquid) "Dwarf blood!"

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Introducing S.E.E. Director's Cut: Fimbul

The armies of hell require leadership cunning and great. From his forces in Gundabad, Moria and Dol Guldur, Azog has chosen mighty villainous spawn to help him control. To him their lives are nothing more than a means to wipe out the line of Durin and fulfil his master's darkening of the world. The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut releases three more heroes this holidays: last week was Yazneg, cruel captain of the Hunter Orcs; this week, Fimbul, lieutenant of Azog, and next week, the long awaited Bolg, son of Azog.

The hunt to kill Thorin Oakenshield and his company is lead by Azog and his underlings Fimbul and Yazneg. When Yazneg is executed for his failure after the chase through Rhudaur, Fimbul takes his place. Both Hunter Orc leaders are included as heroes of the Misty Mountain faction in The Special Extended Edition, Director’s Cut.

In The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut, Fimbul, the cheap hero of the Misty Mountains can travel on foot or on his vicious fell Warg. Other features are not determined yet so if you have suggestions for hero powers or features, be sure to comment your ideas.

Fimbul, lieutenant of Azog

Fimbul is the Lieutenant and later captain of Azog's Warg riding Hunter Orcs of Gundabad. He lead the tracking and great hunt over the Misty Mountains and though Rhovanion, organising bounties and setting spies to capture Thorin's Company. He took part in the confrontation at the five fir trees, the forest river chase and the stealth siege of Bard's house in Lake Town. The siege was his last moments as lieutenant, he was slain by Legolas when the elves arrived to rescue the family and Dwarves. It is presumed he was replaced by a commander of Gundabad before the coming storm that was the Battle of the Five Armies.

Fimbul's armour is of Warg bone and gristle (tough meat). The Hunter Orcs are a no waste culture, dead Warg and Orc hides and bone become armour and grim parts of their enemies are worn as trophies.

Fimbul is named after Golfimbul, the great Orc of Mount Gram who lead the invasion of the Shire but was defeated in the Battle of Greenfields (becoming the golf joke).

Fimbul is an Old Norse, poetic word meaning great and mighty. Used in words such as Fimbulvetr, the three Mighty Winters at the end of the world that turns the world to war. We could take this to mean a nuclear winter and the resource wars that would take place afterwards. Not pleasant thoughts for Christmastime, but remember that there is always hope for peace.

Firstly, Merry Christmas to one and to all! I hope that you have enjoyed this news article for The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut. Next week we showcase the final hero of the Misty Mountains faction. You can find all our work at Revora Forums. Have a splendid day.

Article by Matt Alexi

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Hoar - - 1,682 comments

He reminds me of the Ninja Turtles.. XD

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SauronLordofTheEarth - - 881 comments

Nice Merry Christmas!

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stoneDoctored - - 182 comments

For him you could make skills that strenghten his mount, like make it faster with a certain skill, like Glorfindel, or give it the ability to run through more than 2 enemies

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MattTheLegoman Author
MattTheLegoman - - 1,258 comments

I like this idea. While he doesn't display any abilities in the movie, he is lieutenant for a reason. ;)

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Nazzie - - 115 comments

Yes, Fimbul will be worthy of the rank lieutenant =)

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