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Fight for high-scores in solo or co-op survival matches or challenge your friends to a deathmatch. Outmaneuver your opponents, take cover behind asteroids, collect bigger guns and take down your enemies!

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It's been a long time since I last posted here, but now I'm back to introduce my latest game:

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is an intense local multiplayer space arena shoot'em up with co-op and competitive game modes for 1-16 players. Run the game on almost any Windows or Linux PC, ideally connected to a big screen. Play using keyboard, mouse, gamepads or join the match using your mobile phone as controller.

Game concept

Main features:

  • Competitive and co-op game modes for intense party/couch gameplay.
  • Semi-realistic ship movement based on simulated thrusters.
  • Wide selection of unique weapons.
  • Players can drop in and out of the action as they please.
  • Online high scores for solo/co-op survival game mode.

Gameplay trailer:

In-game screenshots:

Wiping the arena clean with Death Ray

Single player vs. boss

The game development is currently in public beta phase with all major features implemented and only a few known non-critical bugs. Right now I need more testers so that I can find and fix any remaining bugs!

More information on the website:

Quick link to DOWNLOADS:

Please, try the game and let me know what you think!

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