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A story driven and squad based tactics game, set in a WWII like setting, and evolved around overcoming failures. Plan, fail, retry.

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Hello, we're a Danish indie developer that's currently working on our second game, Broken Lines. Broken Lines is a story-based single player tactics game, about dying, reliving and overcoming your failures. You are a lieutenant leading a disorderly squad, fighting for survival in a fictive war in Eastern Europe. The shell-shocked and newly appointed rookie lieutenant struggles with leading his men while keeping his marbles. In his mind he experiences the combat scenarios, again and again, allowing him to correct his mistakes, but also driving him further towards madness. Should he sacrifice his sanity to save his men or stay sane and watch them die?

the rift 02

Here's a piece of concept art for the game, showing the difference between the planning and action phase.

Unique Selling Points

  • Story about hardships of war with parallels to challenges in everyday life
  • References European military history and its misconceptions
  • Dramatic war stories meets personal Coming of Age story
  • Playable combination of Saving Private Ryan, Edge of Tomorrow and Groundhog Day

Game play features

  • Story focused and mission based tactics-game with Rogue-Like game structure
  • Squad based tactics in small-scale skirmishes
  • Pause based planning with absolute control - real-time execution phase with no control
  • 2D and 3D game graphics, text, voice overs and comic strips for storytelling
  • Single player game in Unity 3D, for PC, Mac, Consoles and High-End tablets

Here's our newest gameplay video

And here are some screenshots

2 execution

2 planning

3 execution

3 planning

4 execution

4 planning

More updates will follow soon as we start to upload more concept art, gameplay videos, and updates in the game. Thank you for reading!

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