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I updated the downloadable combat system prototype to version Finally, a Menu, Player Customization and you can play up to 4 players! :)

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Checking in with some fresh new content for Griefhelm! :)

4 Players

Added the possibility to play from 2 to 4 players. I had to fix some things in order to achieve this, for example, a player could hit only one player at a time with a swords slash and it didn't feel right at all :)
I never tried the chaos of going free for all in 4... But I wanted to have this feature and hope it is good fun! Would probably be better with teams, but they aren't there just yet!

Main Menu

I finally added a Main Menu. It is very simple as of now. It contains Play, Tutorial and Quit. The tutorial button still doesn't work and the play button brings you directly to the Character Selection menu. In the future there will be a Play menu with different options for the map, gamemode, single or multiplayer, tournament, etc.

Player Selection and Customization

In the Character Selection menu, you can change your appearance in terms of helm and armor. There are 3 helms and 3 armors to choose from as for now. The chosen appearance will be saved so tht you don't have to change it everytime! :). In the future I will make a bunch of different armors and helms as well as unlockables!


I added grass to the ground to make the whole thing come more to life. I had to do some performance tweaks since UE4 is very demanding when it comes to foliage. I did some perspective tricks by upscaling closer foliage. I'm happy with the results and managed to cover all of the surface with 20000 tris.


You can follow the game here:

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