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What about this mode????

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This is mod i just want to motivate about "Postal : Plus" in running with scissors
Only motivate game style theme not "same like"

This mod has 8 campaign:
1. Home
2. The Truckstop
3. Out skirt
4. Parade of disasters
5. The Mine ( bridge mission canceled because the Terrain problem)
6. The Junkyard
7. The Trailerpark
8. The Train ( short cutscene)

This Mode using the Keyboard and mouse
W:go up
S:go down
A:go left
D:go right

1:Pickup GaussRifle
2:Pickup C-10 consider rifle
3:Pickup Fragmentation Greanade
4:Pickup Flame Thrower
5:Pickup Missile

also item system:
Young crysalis=+20hp
blue crystal=+50shield(armor)

This is all
maybe some new one will be add...

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