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Okey we have finally announced a final unit list for version 1.0. Its downloadable here, on our teams page. I think its qouite amzing, becase of several units you havent seen before: -proton cannon, -DCS, -Rx-200, -Invisible corvette, -ecc. Also soon you will get a second list- places list. You see, places are important part of the mod. Places- i mean historical places like Juma 9.

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Thanks guys for watching us and reading it. Ok so firstful i will tell you about a basic difference - economy.
You see, for the first time you will be able to feek an economy in Forces of Corruption, finally you will see that you play a real strategy game.

At the begginning each player gets a engineering team by which you will place buildings, shield generators, marine cannons, and WALLS. They will be the most important unit. Republic will get "KDY engineering team" , and Separatist shall have "droid-engineerer team".

Second new and important thing is SECTOR. In GC for the first time systems will have their sectors, and you will not attack a whole system (its not realistic), but a sectors, yes just like in the TV show.

Different thing are ancient warriors, i know, i know they were in Season 3, but i decided to put them in ver 1.0. What are they? Well they're like Sauron and Galadriela in BFME I, think u know what i mean: in GC, if you accidently find a system called UNKNOWN and captur that, then you will get ancient warrior, which one??? Well that depends on what faction you are playing as :)

Dan, the leader

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Really cool

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