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Intro story to the game Bound By Blades, detailing pieces of the game and the story to its beginning.

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Bound By Blades is my dream game I’ve been developing for about 6 months, handling all coding and design. I have recently begun working with Lam Giang who is making the beautiful art you see in the teaser section, along with JD who composes the serene soundtrack of Bound By Blades.

About Bound By Blades

Bound By Blades is my dream project, built and designed for myself and every other gamer who wants a high quality game with the most fair purchase method. It will release as a fully playable FTP game, with a single purchase to unlock Premium model including Cosmetics, Battle Pets, and an update after release that will add a game mode for earning extra end game loot (No hints on this one, I want it to be something amazing to surprise everyone with!).

Create Your Own Character

Character Customizations

The game features 3 Playable character types, each with 3 customizations to them (Skin/Fur colors). Each Character will have their own small bonus to them, but don’t let that stop you from picking your favorite!


There are 3 weapons planned for release, One Hand and Shield, Two Handed, and Bow. Each weapon will have different benefits: the defense and ultimate blocking power of the Shield, the strong damaging attacks of the Two Hander, and the quick reflexes to shoot and run with the Bow.


Another way to complement your play style is equipping runes. These let you adjust what aspects of combat you perform best with. Do you need help timing your blocks? The Auto Block rune will block for you, as long as you aren’t in the middle of another action. Do you want to demolish the beasts? Equip some Damage and Attack Speed runes to give you the edge in combat. Having trouble surviving? Equip some defensive runes to outlast your foes.


Combat is battled out on one screen, where you are locked into battle with the beast until one of you is defeated. Defeat the beast, harvest its loot and craft yourself some new gear… You’ll need it to overcome the challenges the more powerful beasts bring!


Village is the main Hub of the world. You access the Battle Arena, Dreamland, and the Tavern from here. Village is also where you can check out your inventory and visit the craftsman to craft and upgrade gear.



Dreamland is the harvest center, where you can recover your potions and harvest wood and ore for upgrades.

Battle Pets (Premium users only)

Battle Pets will be cuter pet versions of the beasts, hatched using rare beast materials in the Dreamland Hatchery. Bring these to battle with you to help even the odds! (Customization and Leveling systems for them TBD).

Multiplayer (TBD)

Multiplayer will be one of the big challenges that I will not promise yet. These are the designs built for it, and among anything, I will do my best for a simplified version of Multiplayer over nothing.


The Tavern is the multiplayer hub. You’ll be able to search lobbies and join with your friends or strangers to battle beasts together. The beasts will be stronger, so prepare yourself well!

Friend Cards (TBD)

You’ll be able to collect Friend Cards from people you meet, and bring them along with you in your own Battles. You’ll also be able to request to party with your friends through using these Friend Cards.

Monetization Method

The idea is that this is the most fair purchase model. The game is released fully Free to Play for all content on release lacking only a few things Premium has access to. One time purchase to unlock Premium version that will permanently unlock Battle Pets, Cosmetics, and the upcoming game mode in a later update.

About Me

I’ve worked in games for 7 years, starting out as an intern, and growing through many roles; QA, Lead QA, Level Design, Lead Level Design, and Game Director. Bound By Blades was a concept I created to bring a “Monster Hunter” styled game to mobile using intuitive controls, leaving the challenge to the fight instead of the device. While I was able to grow and learn so much in the industry, I hated the methods that we were always forced to use in FTP models, ruining the game mechanics in order to squeeze more money. Eventually I took a break from work, started learning programming and began to build the beginnings of Bound By Blades.

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