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This is a progress report on the most complex map in the campaign, namely the intro map.

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As promised whenever something of a milestone happened I'd post a new update. The other day I got the nessecary intro components from my team members involved in creating them. That means I can now work further on my introduction scene but it's only half complete.

The intro map is the most complex map of the entire campaign. Technically there's quite allot going on behind the scenes to make it work.

Also the voices for "the core" are dripping in but as said last time, these are the most difficult development times because creating the intro and designing and restructuring all the voices are quite time intensive.

When we will be another week further we'll see where the development takes us.

In the screenshots section you'll be able to see the way I conceptualize the outside of a turbine elevator as background choreography for the intro map's 3D skybox.

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