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Sittard, The Netherlands, 26 September 2011 – independent developer InterWave Studios announces the official release of Nuclear Dawn, its first commercial title, on the Steam digital distribution platform.

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As Nuclear Dawn's release begins to leak positive radiation all over the internet, players worldwide are preparing to face and crush the enemy war machine in this exciting blend of FPS action and RTS strategy.

With hard-hitting class-based combat, tactical choices that actually bear an impact on your team's victory, and a full-fledged high level RTS Commander mode to assist and guide FPS players, Nuclear Dawn's gameplay has been widely praised in previews and reviews.

For more information on existing Nuclear Dawn coverage, please visit our press page here:

More information on gameplay and game features can be found on the official website, along with the videos and images in the media section that are also available right here on ModDb!

Nuclear Dawn can be purchased directly from Steam today, or from various other digital platforms and outlets at a later date.

Join the battle for your future today!

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Always nice to see Indies out there in the spotlight. Congrats and best of luck!

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radutanasie - - 949 comments

Congratulations! You've manage to do what many dream to, but few succeed.

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razorb - - 500 comments

ya good job on the release guys :)

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Yeah, I plan to get this, but wow, were sales disappointing based on Steam Stats. I saw less than 400 people on the entire day! That can't be very good news, considering the initial release of a game is a surge of players, which alot will quit.

And it is infact not even on the list anymore, which means it's sunk below 300 people...

Dammit, I was looking forward to a nice community of at least 1000 people.

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petemyster - - 139 comments

I was thinking this as well. The reception for the game hasn't been as swell as the developers are making out in the article either.

I've seen 2 reviews for Nuclear dawn and there were 62% and 68% from reviewers, so with that mediocre score its not looking too good for the longterm

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chsignal - - 142 comments

Did you maybe noticed that this is indie game, so sales on first day wont be 500,000+ and this is game that is more focused on people who like things similar to Empires. And yes I like Empires, its still blast of fun and mod dosen`t have 1000+ community.

I`m going to "risk" and buy game, devs also announced free dlc and other stuff so who knows what future will bring. If it turns out that the ND will be disappointing, I will not go bankrupt because of the 20 euro.

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Uh, yes, I know it's an Indie game, that started out as a mod, but it also had some incredible talent on the Team, a guy who worked for Epic & was the art designer for Mirrors Edge ,and is now making Dear Esther.

But there are plenty of Indie games that at least have 3,000-4,000 people playing on Launch day.

Empires is a classic, hell though, it's one of the reasons some people aren't buying Nuclear Dawn. It offers alot and a nice sized community for free if you own a Source game already.

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chsignal - - 142 comments

So your only problem is that this game does`t have big community? Well if that is your problem wait for couple of months to see if will get any bigger since release date.

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vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

I still to see a magazine give a indie shooter a score that really show how better it was over big tittles. This game is solid and stand for itself; at other side, a big franchise from a big developer strip of features from every new incarnation and in fact transformed into a blended generic shooter and it score never go below 80, and I not talking about any "duty".

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L3d - - 754 comments

nice to see some dutchh ppl are actually not using ut for this , i did get some good news in steam ths good

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