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Today we have a very special update. It mainly highlights how we have progressed graphically since the beginning of this project.

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Hey guys, Today we have a very special update. It mainly highlights how we have progressed graphically since the beginning of this project. We have come a very long way since the start of this project. At the start, our goals were different, we just didn't really understand where we were going with this. We didn't really realize how large a task making a full on game would be. With that being said, we became a lot more serious about this throughout the last few months. A lot has changed goal and gameplay wise, and a lot has changed graphically wise. We have learned a lot more about how to make decent looking, and performing graphics in Unity and we feel very confident with where we have come from, and where we currently stand. Here are some brief screenshots of how the game used to look, and progressed over time:

In the beginning:

Moving forward:

Finding our setting:


As you can see, even from looking at that we have come a long way. Here is where we currently stand in terms of graphics:


This is where we are happy to stand for now as we turn our focus back towards the actual functionality of everything in the game. We feel like these graphics can allow for very nice apocalyptic atmosphere, while still maintaining good performance. The screenshots of our game now run at around 150-200 fps in the editor, which would translate to much higher in the actual built game. This is much more solid performance than we were getting in all those previous pictures, and as you can tell it looks much better. The terrain is all complete now for the most part, the rest of it is just up to adding more remnants of civilization. This will put the icing on the cake in terms of atmosphere and overall feel.

Feel free to give us feedback on how it looks! We love to hear what you guys have to say, we can always improve on it. In the coming weeks expect to see much more from the game gameplay wise now that the graphical stuff has been taken care of. Hope you enjoyed the update!


Looks really great! Looking forward to tons of gameplay features now ;)

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What are your testing-computer's specifications? :)

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bleeding_star_42 Author

GTX 760 for the graphics card, Intel Core i5-4430 processor, and 10gb RAM. Overall it's a pretty decent pc, but we are fairly satisfied with how the game is running so far. We haven't done a whole lot with regards to optimizations yet, so the performance will likely get better as we progress.

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