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IM: Deadlock are progressing and this week provided us with our first functional multiplayer experience. Read more in this weeks SITREP

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Read last weeks SITREP [Here]

Team debriefing

Kim (ZPSHicks)
Game Director

"Short SITREP and I've even have to push ATD into the weekend; I've have spent every waking moment this week staging, testing, prototyping one of our Deadlock maps in regard to constructing, culling, lighting, shaders, vegetation etc. and is continuously fighting Unity hard when it comes to performance (we still do not have LOD'ing, Occlusion Culling that works effectively enough in Unity at the moment (Release 3.5 asap, please)) :) ..

Anyway here is four screens for you gals/guys: Midday / Night / Dawn / Rain which hopefully helps ease your wait until you can test-run the map for yourselves!".

Mikael (heks)
Lead Programmer

"Movement, lag compensation, prediction, error correction, interpolation, animation and the build pipeline are all fancy words for the stuff I've been working on the last couple of weeks…

I've primarily been working on constructing our "real" networkable marine which is based on the animation prototype that Anders made while I was on vacation, and the network prototypes that I've created up until this point.

So midway through this week we had our first 4-player test session based on this work and it turned out better than I had hoped, although it did highlight a bunch of things that need to be implemented and/or fixed.

But the best part of this week was the heightened sense of collaboration as we started mashing our various creations together, into something that vaguely resembles a game in the making! ;)".

Jesper Andersen (Scribblehead)
Concept Artist

"Hey all, another update is due i guess :)

The last week i've been extremely busy with university, but i've started working on the interiors for DEADLOCK.

I know i've promised a walkthrough of my process, though unfortunately school is getting in the way at the moment but i hope you guys can get a look at it real soon....spoiler! its about the modular buildings :P!


"Kim and Jess are making a critical decision using Rock, Paper, Scissor"

Anders (cptKickASS)
Lead Artist

"Weapon asset manager! I now have a working pipeline and script that builds fully customizable weapons. Now we just need to be able to add it to our pawn ;)".

Jess (NecroSonic)
Level Designer

"Ok. A lot of cool stuff is happening at the moment. This week I got to join an early multiplayer test! It was Kim, Nics, Heks and I running around on a map that Kim is working on. You can’t shoot yet and the marines have temporarily had their heads removed to make room for the camera so the scene was quite bizarre - four headless marines chasing each other and jumping around.. Still you could see that things are going in the right direction and I can’t wait till we bring the guns into the mix.

During the test Heks said to me (with a somewhat provoking undertone): So how do you like the level design? As mentioned it was on Kims new level that is shaping up nicely, so I took that as a challenge and spend most of the night to create a new map of my own. The map is still in the making but I like where it is going. It is an outdoor canyon map that holds a few camps and fortifications designed for domination style gameplay and possibly deathmatch as well. Unfortunately it seems to be a bit off course in relation to Kim’s vision for Deadlock that goes more in the lines of Nordic woodlands, but let see how it plays.".

Nicolai (Reese)
CEO & Composer

"This week I have been implementing the basic sound-ambience and the likes in the multiplayer map as well as getting my hands dirty testing a lot of various audio technicalities and ideas in the Unity Engine. Making good progress - this will be jawsome for sure :)". Summary

Picture of the Week 0045

This image shows how we've envisioned the training modules to look like in their next iteration, illustrated beautifully by our very own Master ScribbleHEAD!

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All the best,
Nicolai (Reese) & the team at Zero Point Software

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Looking good guys, I love your work, and have actually taken a lot of inspiration from your development style (rapid prototyping, consistent updates, etc) in my own game: Wake Up Call. Otherwise, I do have a couple things to point out about the screen shots: one, the skybox looks like it could use some work, two, the rain picture doesn't seem to have much rain (it may be that I just can't see it, and three, there does seem to be an overabundance of those big crate thingies. Just my honest opinion as a game player and developer.

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