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SITREP is upon us! Reeeaaad more abooouuut it!! An offline SARA triggers a rogue level designer and Kenneth spawns the evil "Coder-Police".

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SITREP is basically an ongoing progress report where we publicly display our current tasks, progress and focus areas. Primarily targeted at those of you who find game development and our Open Door Development methodology intriguing. - Read last weeks SITREP here

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Team debriefing

Kim (ZPSHicks)
Game Director

"Our production server is down for maintenance (mild understatement) and Heks and Tax is working hard to get 'SARA' fully operational again, asap. Since last Fridays AGM I've spent a bit of time updating Uncle Gert's "Support Medals Giveaway Program" article with new info (Premium members can read all the changes by clicking the link in the orange bar at the top of the website). Yesterday was a national holiday here in Denmark and today I'm at home playing boss of the house watching over the kids as Maria (My wife) is prepping for hard-core exams next week. My focus the next couple of weeks will be to nail a bit of polish in tune with our Deadlock Art Direction and get Anders prepped for getting his hands dirty working on level modules as well as finalizing more weapons for Deadlock.".

Lead Sound Designer / PR

"For Running Man I made quite a few audio-tools, and this week I refactored some of them to work in Deadlock. Running Man was made in Unity 2.6 and the underlying sound system in Unity has changed a bit since then (we're now using Unity 3.3). The great thing about 'going back in' was that I also had the chance to clean up some messy code.

Heh - here at ZPS we have something call 'The Coder-Police' who enforces 'The Law of Well-Structured Code', and I'm told that the punishment for breaking this law is just as painful as having your nails torn off... Well, that 'something' is actually Mikael (heks), and he usually is a nice man... But when he turns into his alter-ego..... Brrrrrrrh.... 8-)..."

Heks and Kenneth chilling and discussing pipelines
Heks and Kenneth chilling and discussing pipelines

Mikael (heks)
Lead Programmer

"It's been a slow week production-wise as our production server is still down. As I'm writing now we're in the final phase of salvaging the file-system - hopefully it will go without any hiccups…

This is the part where we ask de_Monteynard for a prayer!

Jess (NecroSonic)
Level Designer

"Last I told you that I am working on three maps in parallel. Since then I have managed to patch up one of them and I think that it is in a state where you guys can have a first run on it.

As I am living a few hundred kilometers from the ZPS HQ (I think of myself as a forward base of some sort^^) I am quite dependent on the server that is offline to submit my updated map files. Usually I submit often to get feedback from Kim to align my work with his vision of IM. But with the server down I have gone rogue and have secretly begone working on a fourth map that is now well under way. This will be news to the other guys too, so let's see if it will spark off some comments from them:).

The new map is a bridge map where two parallel bridges each with multiple levels and interconnections connecting two bases. The map is designed to work for CTF, DM and TDM and should afford both sniping and close quarter combat".

Nicolai (Reese)
CEO & Composer

"Aaah.. Wasn't quite home safe business and admin wise after all, but I've managed to prep' (at home) for some upcoming music composing.. can't wait.

Stay tuned, still :)" Summary

Picture of the Week

Interviews this week

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Nicolai (Reese) & the team at Zero Point Software

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