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Update 27 adds a much overdue overhaul of the interface. Making things, hopefully, cleaner and clearer. Also a lot of user-friendly tweaks to the instructions and pop-ups, and some fun gameplay additions.

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I find it dangerous to push very visual changes to a live game, since many people don't like change and rather stick to what they know. But that's exactly what I did in update 27: the interface has seen a change in color, I find this more fitting to the setting of the game and never was happy with the blueish boxes. It's actually a miracle I kept them in for this long!

As I'm closing in on the release version, something I've been saying for weeks now, I also added a few more interface and user-friendly-ness changes to the game, especially for new players (welcome!). This includes a little info on what datacards are all about, but also shows an upgrade dialog when you pick up the Amulet, Space cube, or tech-manual.. so that those event's are more apparent.

I did manage to add a few new things, like the radiation-rooms that you can now run into (don't worry, most of them are fair depending on your item usage) and some extra random radiation clouds that might appear when shooting stuff.. all good fun! ;)

So enjoy! and as always feedback and idea's are welcome! (really running out of idea's now.. which is good, since the game is mostly complete at this point)

As bonus, I've been recording some game sessions as I try to actually reach the moon-base core, I still haven't managed to do that (without cheating) so it might be interesting to watch me screw up in my own game:

List of changes in update 27 (now live on steam!)


  • added: “back” to credits screen
  • added: mobile interface (android and ios version)
  • change: interface colors/details


  • added: Alien healing-statue now does some alien-damage around it when destroyed
  • added: alien-goo rooms
  • added: some barrels now leave radiation
  • added: dialog showing upgrades (luck,tech, inventory)
  • added: small “radiation” areas in radiation zone
  • added: tutorial-infobox for Datacards
  • change: increased drop-chance for gas-masks
  • change: space-cube now increases inventory with 3 (was 6)
  • change: Strongarm now has a few more inventory spots at start
  • change: Orb - Portalus made into a normal item: Portalus
  • change: floor-scorch marks now appear more often in big explosions
  • change: text-bubbles start opaque, slowly get transparent
  • change: slight increase in drop-rate for datacards
  • fix: damaged-item having a weird white-rendering bug
  • fix: berzerker gun now stops when bullets are depleted
  • fix: small increase in chance of the “cave” level
  • fix: bug for hidden-room detector going crazy
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