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If there are people interested in helping with the mod, read this post!

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As most of you already know, I'm pretty much working solo on this mod. A few people contribute here and there, but generally the model conversions, particles, audio editing and entity coding is done by myself.

It is a lot of work, work that I'm fine with as I took this on as a solo project anyway.
However, I would like to say, if there are people with the right skills who want to help out, either in a direct or indirect way, there are a few things that I wouldn't mind some extra hands with.

So, in general I'd be interested in the following:

-Someone with experience using particle forge to help out with making new particle fx. I have a good understanding of how it all works and have been doing a fine job making my own, but someone to help out would help lighten the load allowing me to focus on other stuff. This is things like engine and weapons fx that fit the freelancer equivalents as best as possible as well as ability fx.

- People with experience in modelling either for Sins or Freelancer. Particularly people who have or are able to make Freelancer type ships to help expand Faction rosters. I have access to some Freelancer models thanks to generous Freelancer modellers, more wouldn't hurt! Either models you may have made for freelancer, or if you're able and willing to make new ones would be great.

- 2d assets/ UI creators. I am slowly making icons and replacing in game UI, however it can be time consuming and diverts my attention from implementing models and entity coding etc. So if someone is handy in this area, I'd appreciate the help!

- Research entity coding. I have a rough idea of what I want, and ideas on how to implement it, but I haven't had time to work on it much at all. Someone familiar with Sins research entities would be a great help to speed things along. Yholl, one of my associates is working on some designs for the Liberty Tech tree, but more help is much welcomed.

-Ability entity coding. Similar to the Research stuff, I have most of the abilities conceptualised, but just haven't had time to implement most of them. Someone to help code up abilities would be a great asset.

-Audio stuff. I've got all the sound fx from Freelancer, however it would be good to have some more variety in sound fx for different ships and weapons. If someone is skilled in making sound fx then I sure would not be opposed to assistance in that area.

So if you are interested in helping out the mod and have the required skills let me know!
I don't mind if you want to just do a one off thing, or if you want to become part of my 'team'. Either way every little bit of help will go towards making this mod great.

I'd also like to thank everyone who may not have modding skills, but do comment with ideas, thoughts and encouragement, as that all helps to fuel my enthusiasm for working on the mod!


I wish I had the skills to help you and I'm depressed by the lack of response on here, but keep up the great work mate! This mod is a game that should always have been made!!

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unfortunately i am in the same boat as guest here. i would love to help but my time and skills are on the lower side of the spectrum. If you haven't already i think asking on the freelancer discovery forums might be a good idea. there are a lot of talented people there and i would assume someone could help. otherwise i think what you have been doing lately is very impressive and i support you 100%

btw, its been a while since i have been on moddb but every time i check your updates and see that banner at the top it gives me good vibes. i've always loved the Rhineland warships, most specifically the Bismarck battleship

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Wintercross Author

No need to worry, like I've said before... I don't need help, I'm doing quite well as it is. Really it is just to say if someone wants to help, I'm open to assistance in these areas =P

Everything is still moving along, and I have friends from other mods and independent people help out here and there.

I started this mod knowing that you can't expect to have an idea and have skilled people just jump in an follow you. So I made sure I picked up enough of the skills required to do it myself before I began this mod.

But hey, even people like yourself who are fans of the mod help in a way too! Always makes me feel good the few times this mod has been pushed into the top 100 after I've put up new updates or news articles =P

Also; I love the Rheinland ships too, hence the banner!

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