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Welcome to the eighth “Heroes & Generals Intelligence Bulletin”. The purpose of this bulletin is to give you an insight in the development progress of Heroes & Generals and show you what each of us are working on at a weekly basis.

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intelligencebulletingvol01no08Another week has passed and we’ve finished and deployed a new stable build.

The previous build had some bugs with joining missions, where you sometimes ended up in another map and on a different mission than the one you wanted to join. This has been fixed and some new features and assets have also been added, which we’ll show more of in a new VideoLog, which we’ll publish next week.

Our Game Director Reto.RedBjarne did an interview with MMORPG ITALIA, a little while ago and you can find it here.

The next release is now in the works, and besides that a new vehicle is also in progress – this time a bicycle – which you can read more about in the Team Debriefing below.

And to those of you who have an Alpha-key: Remember that we have weekly play sessions, where we (the developers) will be online, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 20.00 – 24.00 CEST.

Developer Blogs This Week

Animation : Poses

By Reto.Colding
“… you HEAR ME SOLDIER ? …Being a FirstPersonShooter is NO excuse for SLACKING POSES ! “ Read More


By Reto.Ogssan
“Currently we have three types of mines for each faction, the Anti-personnel, Anti-tank and magnetic/sticky mine.” Read More

Interviews This Week

Reto.Redbjarne with Italian MMO site: MMORPG ITALIA – Read it here.

Team Debriefing


Reto.RedBjarne, Game Director
“- Rendered a more detailed Campaign map
- Worked on ruins
- Fixed Campaign map zooming”

Reto.Fleck, Level Designer
“Mostly worked on figuring out how to create trenches in the easiest way due to our terrain system – and it’s not easy. :) Have a prototype ready for next stable build, so be ready to get dirty.”

Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“Machinegun tweaks, improved the feel of the MG’s to make them feel heavy and less like SMG’s. Improved rifles and their damage model to make them a bit more effective at mid-range.I also spent time on the forums making sure that the various posts gets read by the relevant developers.”


Reto.Hr.Wille, 3D Artist
“Worked on vehicles this week: P-38, Willys MB, Hellcat, Messerschmidt, Kübelwagen… aaaand the brand new bike. :-)

Reto.Mato, Lead Character Artist
“I’m currently working on shaders and highres models.”

Reto.Owleater, Character Artist
“This week went with fine tuning the US cloth shader, figuring out the settings for normal detail and fresnel. I also started on the infantry combat jacket highres.”

Reto.Colding, Lead Animator
This week I have done bicycle animations …. what a hoot! :D … also I have blogged about tight anim poses. New poses for Jeep and Kubelwagen are underway as well…. TAH!

Reto.Dave, Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“I’ve worked on background gfx this week and also I took care of our intern, Lodrysil, who was with us this week.


Reto.Goonstah, Programmer and Technical Lead

Reto.Chrestangen, Flash Programmer
“I have worked on the campaign map and the graphic items on it, as well as the right sidebar and their connection. Point score and loss of troops in a fps-battle has been added and I might get resource transport working as well.”

Reto.Placebo, Code connoisseur

Reto.Hal9k, Render Programmer
“Plain and simply worked on deploying the new stable build!”

Reto.Ogssan, Gameplay Programmer
“This weeks has mainly consisted of bug fixes, tweaks and refactoring the in-game resource management. So instead of having resources tied up to accesspoints and a faction, they are now instead tied to an assault group and also each vehicle type has an individual resource count.”

Reto.Leto,Gameplay Programmer
“I’ve worked on stabilizing the fps-bob and animation-blending-”

Reto.Murphy,Senior Programmer
“Good ol’ server coding!”

Reto.Injection, Senior Programmer


Reto.Draebesmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
“I have created and implemented new sounds for the hand grenade explosions and I have created sounds for the bicycle which I hope will be impemented soon.”

Reto.Lord, Audio Programmer
“- Fixed bug with distance delay for audio sources.
- Bicycle audio setup.
- Working on outside audio culling.”


Reto.Topo, CEO
“This week I have continued my work researching a payment service provider (PSP). In addition to this, we have gone through another iteration of our partner strategy. This was partly prompted by inquiries on the back of our recent press release and trailer.”

Reto.KenSolo, PR & Marketing Coordinator
“This week I’ve been talking to and researching various business-partners, in order to figure out what we’ll do with regards to marketing in non-English speaking regions (well, I’ve actually also been looking at a few partners in English-speaking regions). Besides I’ve started working on a new VideoLog and the next Newsletter.”


The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department
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