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Welcome to the eleventh “Heroes & Generals Intelligence Bulletin”. The purpose of this bulletin is to give you an insight in the development progress of Heroes & Generals and show you what each of us are working on at a weekly basis.

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intelligencebulletingvol01no11 Finally we were able to send out more Alpha-keys again! This week we’ve sent 200 keys and are planning to send a new batch again next week. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from the new players, and are looking forward to continue the constructive dialog with all of you.

The Campaign part of the game is progressing nicely, and within very short time we’ll let some of you be able to make your own Assault Team and try to start and play a war.

We’ve also had two interns at the office this week, Carlsbergsport and Pilgaard. Please help them in their quest for making the most liked and most commented blog-post in the history of the Heroes & Generals community site. :-)

As a last remark we’ve just hired a new coder, Reto.Prakash, who is an IT Architect and is going to strengthen the backend group. Welcome to the Reto-Moto team – looking forward to work with you!

Developer Blogs This Week

War in the trenches

By Reto.FleCK
“I’m currently working on a skirmish level with a simple map layout with trenches. The skirmish levels will automatically be spawned when two Assault Teams confronts during troop transportation.” Read More

A bit on displacement maps

By Reto.Dave
“On some objects in the game, for example the foundations of both the Stone Bridge and the church (on the Medium French Village map), we make use of a shader technology called displacement mapping.” Read More

The campaign map – a work in progress

By Reto.Placebo
“Some time ago Reto.Chrestangen wrote “Campaign map, the next step” and this is intended as an update to where we currently are.” Read More

Two recruits reporting from HQ

By special guests Carlsbergsport & Pilgaard
“We are 2 boys from 9th grade at ‘Toftevangsskolen’, Birkerød, DK, and we have been the trainees of Reto-Moto for a whole week now.” Read More

Team Debriefing


Reto.RedBjarne, Game Director
“- Factory bane, terrain (trees, rocks and grassy-things)
- Fixing ICE generated railway tracks (Factory + mountain level)
- Production meetings (strategy game)”

Reto.Fleck, Level Designer
“We have been crushing bugs and replaced placeholders in 2-days intervals on each levels – and right now I’m building a trainstation on the Mountain Map. I’ve also had the pleasure of being in charge of two young recruits this weeks – take a look at their blog-post.”

Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“I’ve been doing a lot of reading, lurking (and commenting) on the forums. We get a lot of really valuable feedback from the players and I am doing my best to make sure that this feedback gets to the right people here at HQ. Oh, and I am doing a bit of designing on something related to weapons, but more about that soon(-ish).”


Reto.Hr.Wille, 3D Artist
“This week has been all about tank optics and set-up. We have been adding unique optics for all tanks and we are now working on their controls.”

Reto.Mato, Lead Character Artist
“This week I’m setting up placeholder characters and Combat Gear Sets.”

Reto.Owleater, Character Artist
“This week the focus has been on getting all Highres Jackets and Pants ready for US/German Pilot, Tank, Infantry and Paratroopers. They’re all done and are ready for minor polish in Zbrush.”

Reto.Colding, Lead Animator
“Continued the rigging and skinning refinements… also revised animations with the new skinning.”

Reto.Dave, Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“I’ve been fixing various graphics issues on medium french village, made curtains and shop fronts for all the buildings. Right now I’m working on a new guardtower for the factory level.”

Coders & QA

Reto.Goonstah, Programmer and Technical Lead
Some load-testing, performance logging and optimizations on the strategy servers and some updates to the user-registration and account management.”

Reto.Chrestangen, Flash Programmer
“This week I have focused on debugging the assault teams, in the campaignmap. And I have started coding a new way of showing element on the campaignmap. I have also worked a bit on the assault team screen. In addition I have used a lot of time in meetings, dealing with a buggy Flash Builder, and helping Lord to get into the flash code.”

Reto.Placebo, Code connoisseur
“* extended the war-table to contain flags for autospawning missions of different types
* commandnodes now able to get new destinations during transport
* supplies now only moves on faction-owned supplylines

Reto.Hal9k, Render Programmer
“- Damage control due to many new files in the Campaign map
- Build and Deploy system improvements
- Started on Lobby server functionality”

Reto.Ogssan, Gameplay Programmer
“This week has mostly consisted of vehicle features and tweaks, for instance each tank now has individual sights. Additionally i worked on our half track vehicle for the mechanized infantry assault team.”

Reto.Leto, Gameplay Programmer
“R&R leave”

Reto.Murphy, Senior Programmer

Reto.Injection, Senior Programmer
“…radio silence…”

Reto.Splixxen, Lead Tester
“- Going through all the bug reports sent from our testers.
- Going through all the crashlogs submitted (Yes, we do read and check up on them).
- Testing our Maybe-Soon-To-Be Player support system.
- Playing the game!”

Reto.Prakash, IT Architect
I’ve joined the team as an IT Architect, starting this week. The first few days were spent on trying to get upto speed with regards to hardware, software and system access. Currently I’m looking at how the reset logic should work with regard to the strategy game’s state. When the system recognizes that the current war needs to be reset, the game will distribute all commandnodes near their corresponding capital’s location and re-evaluate each factions’s supply line, access point and battlefield occupation status.


Reto.Draebesmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
“I have created the engine and propeller sounds for a whole new plane, the Douglas C-47A and I am working on adding more sounds to the planes in general. Besides that it has been a week with many different kinds of tasks.”

Reto.Lord, Audio Programmer
“Working on the flash site with the mission list. List must be sorted according to ping times to the host center hosting the mission.”

Management & IT

Reto.Topo, CEO
“…Behind enemy lines…”

Reto.Hansi, IT Admin

Reto.KenSolo, PR & Marketing Coordinator
“We’ve started pre-production on our launch trailer – this doesn’t mean that we’re that close to launch, but things just takes time. Also, Reto.Topo and I dropped down behind enemy lines this week on a secret mission to a secret country to meet with some secret people about doing business-partnerships… Viva le Resistance!”


The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

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These Intelligence Bulletins are nearly some kind of public Scrum meetings!^^ I really enjoy beeing almost involved and part of the development process! Thanks for the great community work!

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