Post news RSS Integration: The Stranded Light now standalone with no mod requirements!

The Stories of the Stranded Light can now be experienced by anyone with Oblivion and the Shivering Isles Expansion. no more mod requirements, or gameplay changes!

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The No requirements version is now......

Get it from here!

The quests, resources, installation, etc. are all reported to be working perfectly. All you need is Shivering Isles and the above download. Included in the above package is an installation option which will allow you to enjoy the quests, gameplay, stories, characters, and every amazing facet of Integration with NO impact on your game's core-gameplay experience!

Ever since I first heard about Integration I fell in love, so much so that any hoops I had to jump through to play it were not an issue, but what did disappoint me was how so many people were unable to play it due to some rather harsh and major game changing requirements. I liked the requirements, but I can understand the hesitation to try the mod with all that it required you to do, and I looked forward to the day that anyone and everyone could experience the pinnacle of quest/mission mods for themselves. Well that day has come. After roughly three months of development Integration: The Stranded Light Integrated is now available for all to enjoy. It's pretty much the same mod, just now with no requirements and no gameplay changes!

Antiscamp - - 515 comments

Congratulations on release :)

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JC_Fenix Author
JC_Fenix - - 85 comments

Thanks! Good luck with your project, looks really nice.

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yourgrandma - - 68 comments

This is exactly the type of mod i have been looking for as i have completely ran out of quests. Best thing is that there are no worries about conflicts with my current mods. Perfect!

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CloneWarrior85 - - 3,475 comments

Seems a good enough reason to install Oblivion once again :D

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Feomathar999 - - 28 comments

id give it a try if it didnt impact the facial structure of vanilla npcs like the dark seducers/golden saints. the faces look so damn ugly, it hurts. this mod needs a serious makeover on the faces, like OCO v2 did on oblivion and shivering isles npcs and it seems this aint compatible with OCO v2, which is a shame

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JC_Fenix Author
JC_Fenix - - 85 comments

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