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Battlefield 2 Insurgency Mini-Mod Version 0.1 alpha

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V0.1 alpha, contains three Maps playable in SP, Coop and Multiplayer.

Al Anbar:

Al Anbar Minimap

Dimashq Airfield:

Dimashq Airfield Minimap

Oruzgan Province:

Oruzgan Province Minimap

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with this project and contributed to it!

Hope you like it and you have fun playing.

Cheers =)


Your maps are top-noch! Keep em' up!

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This is going to be fun!

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Beautiful mod!

Had a quick play-through and here are some impressions. As a modder myself I know how important feedback is, so I hope that's ok with you:

Experienced some slight lag. I have a pretty powerful PC and can run modern games with no problems. e.g. Insurgency Sandstorm with all settings on high/max is smooth for me. (But your insurgency is much better!!!)

Lot's of high grass makes it very difficult to spot enemies who have no problems seeing through the vegetation. I like hardcore, but in SP this gives the ai a big advantage.

I've seen bodies ragdolling up to 20/30m into the air when killed by grenades!

Personal preference, the weapons are underpowered. I particularly notice this as in my personal mod 1-3 shots gets a kill (or I get killed).

Love the unique assets, sounds and effects. Great work, thanks!

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TrueSpirit Author

Thanks for you comment =)

Dont really have any lags here, playing with a 3370, 16gb and a strix 6gb gtx 780 all settings on high, 1080p.

Yeah well, the millsnade's explosionforce might be a bit too high - didnt really noticed that, gonna fix this soon.

I only play with an xbox gamepad on my large tv, its much harder to hit a target, but after 100's of rounds ive get used to it and have k/d some around 50/7 every round.

Coding gpo's never really was my thing, so i did my best on the firearms :P

If you hit an enemys head he is going down with one shot, two or three targeted burst shots should kill your enemy also.

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Amazing work! Can't wait for more maps and stuff :) keep it up.

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