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A new update ready to be released by the Insurgency Team addresses some issues reported by the community for the new map INS_Karam. The Electronic Sports League has created a new Insurgency section at ESL America.

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Hello Everyone!

We're happy to report that another update is currently under final testing and will be available shortly. This small update addresses some issues reported by the community for the new map INS_Karam.


  • Fixed stuck spawn issue
  • Made changes for smoother movements on ladders and the boxes over the fence.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the bridge at the crater.
  • Added an extra route for USMC towards the Objective A.
  • Moved the ammo truck at Obj. A back towards the bridge and enlarged the capture zone.
  • Made a larger capture zone for for Obj. B including the bunkers. Increased capture time.
  • Tweaked Insurgent spawns for Objective B.
  • Moved Obj. C to the docking area including the bunkers at the back.
  • Decreased capture time for C.
  • Changed spawn rates for both teams.

This update will be automatically applied through Steam, like the previous major patch. Additionally, we plan to roll out yet another update to fix the long-standing RPG-7 bug that prevented the rocket from disappearing from your first-person weapon view after firing. This update is now being tested after already passing the first round of checks and will also be deployed as soon as possible. Currently, the first-person view is already corrected!

In other news, the Electronic Sports League has created a new Insurgency section at ESL America. In their creators' words:

ESL wrote: After sections in Europe, Germany and Spain, ESL America has realized the
potential of this outstanding game and starts an own section for
Insurgency for American players. We are happy to finally get the
chance of bringing Insurgency to ESL America, that is supporting this
awesome mod with an own game section. After opening up different
national sections in Europe, ESL America has realized the huge
potential of Insurgency and starts a section.

This is fantastic news for the Insurgency community across the pond. Finally they will be able to organize and participate in their own INS official competitions without experiencing the high latencies that were an obstacle for their enjoyment of the already very popular (and fully booked) ESL European tournaments.

A long overdue piece of news that previously slipped through the cracks is the INS ESL Spanish section! Alive and well, the Spanish community has been quick to organize itself and set up their local tournaments. We are happy to see such an active community, congratulations for a well-deserved success!

We sincerely wish ESL America the best of successes and would like to thank them for their continuous support of this mod. We would like to call all INS clans to join the Electronic Sports League -one of the most well-known and successful gaming organizations in the world- in
order for them to experience a totally different level of competition with Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat.

You will be able to find information about upcoming events and competitions at the official section of Insurgency at ESL America.

We have started creating several decals that will not only give some extra atmosphere to some areas and increase the variety of the wall decorations, but also help navigating the maps. You can see one of them below as an example.

As part of a long ago planned network infrastructure update, we are currently in the process of moving Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat to Please note that will continue to function as a redirect to our new address for some time.

Additionally the Official Insurgency Steam Group has been created, and currently has almost 300 members registered. If you're an INS supporter, you will probably appreciate receiving the
latest INS news directly through Steam announcements, being able to stay in touch with the community, take part in official events, etc. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so through your Steam Community tab.

Enjoy the summer and see you on the servers!


2018 is pushing it expect 2020 at the earliest.


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"Made a larger capture zone for for Obj. B including the bunkers. Increased capture time."
Noooo! I actually don't like this; capping bravo is the mark of a good team. After B, C is a walk in the park, but B is damned tough to get. If you're part of a team that can cap B, either you're on a damned good team, or the other team sucks.

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