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What you need to play Fartyguns. Does not include Doom2.wad

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This is the first official release version. It requires Zandronum and a copy of Doom 2.

Get Zandronum here:

Zandronum 3.1 at the least is required to run Fartyguns. Make sure your Zandronum is up to date. When running Zandronum and it's loading, you can see the version in the window's title bar.

Get doom 2 here:

Install instructions:

Skulltag_content-3.0-beta01.pk3 is not optional - always include it in your launcher's load order *first*

1. Install Zandronum.

2. Put fgKillstreakMusic.pk3 in your /skins folder - since the music pk3 only contains music, it's recommended you put it there so it'll be loaded regardless of it being enforced on servers. fgKillstreakMusic.pk3 is purely clientside and does not need to be loaded on the server to work. You don't need this if you don't want it.

3. I would recommend using Doomseeker to play Fartyguns, as it is built around multiplayer. To do this, start Doomseeker. You can also use ZDL if you are more comfortable with it.

doomseeker 9rO54Qu6tQ

Click on the Create Game tab.

doomseeker 03JyJBNx6D

I recommend using Host Server, but if necessary, you can also use Play offline to directly start the game without having to join a (local) server.

Setup Doomseeker to your liking, but be sure to add the following WADs underneath the IWAD field in the following order:

- skulltag_content-3.0-beta01.pk3

- (whatever map wad you want to play on)

- fartyguns<version>.pk3

Where to put Fartyguns

doomseeker ir48ppIvP7

Over here are the settings for Doomseeker. You need to configure this to make sure your Doomseeker uses the right version of Zandronum and where you can put Fartyguns and related WADs.

doomseeker Pbtv2roIdV

Over here, you gotta set your Zandronum's location to wherever you installed it. You don't have to check anything else.

doomseeker zTcTVW0kf3

This is where you can set Doomseeker to look for all your WADs. You can put Fartyguns in this location.

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