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Some of the best classic RPGs involve character progression, quests and challenges, objectives and of course enemies to fight. Hero of Legends was inspired by these traits in addition to games like Pokemon, Zelda and even Magic. This is where the card-based battle system comes in.

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We are in the process of adding two expansions to Hero of Legends. The first, a multiplayer card tournament system where you can play various game modes, challenge your friends or the AI in tournament style card duels.

Hero of Legends ScreenshotsHero of Legends Screenshots
Card Battles and Tournament Screen

The second addition expands the various cards and completes the story in a climatic ending which includes more challenges and mini-games, an extended ending, and new powerful enemies. With this final addition the game is complete from start to finish.

Some of the expansion cards

The creation of these expansions is complete and we are in the process of implementing them fully, which means polishing, bug-fixing, and testing the game; a process that takes nearly as much effort. If these types of games are what you enjoy, please offer up your help and support the project. Click the watch button, share the posting or just comment below.

We would love to know if there is interest in a Beta Demo. If so, we can make that available.


Looking good. I'd definitely be interested in a beta.

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Intriguing concept. I'd definitely like to see a beta demo.

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This sounds really interesting. I'd love to see a beta at some point and get see what this is all about :)

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vidjahgames Author

Thanks for commenting! We've been thrilled to see a great response so far so it looks like we will be putting together that demo. Please keep up the support with your comments, watches, and shares!

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