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In the 3rd part of "Inside the Lab" we talk about the creation of the main menu and the intro of the game!

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Inside the Lab:Part III


We continue our “making of” this week with behind the scenes information about the creation of the main menu of BioLAB as well as the small intro of the game.


As with everything in game development we start with the game design. First we decide what kind of main menu we need. What kind of buttons it must have, we want it more functional or more eye catching? In the end you must find the middle ground between the two and create something that will do its job but will also be pleasing to the eye.

At first its time for some quick sketches so we grab our pens and start drawing. The procedure is pretty much simple in the beginning. You must think what options you need and a way to show everything in a way that will be easy for the player to navigate around.

Inside the Lab:Part III Inside the Lab:Part III

After we pass the drawings to the artist to start the design process. What we need in the beginning is a functional menu to be able to test if it covers our needs.

Inside the Lab:Part III Inside the Lab:Part III Inside the Lab:Part III

Actually what you see above was supposed to be our main menu until we decided to make some major changes to our production pipeline. This gave us the chance to change and improve a lot of things, one of them being the menu of the game.

After the game designer has agreed with the artist about the final design we created something that actually satisfied us.

Inside the Lab:Part III

The menu was created in a way that will create the illusion that all options are connected to each other. This will give to it a more pleasant look but also keep its functionality. Here you see how it looks when all of them are connected. In the background we will have an animated video to make the effect even more dynamic.

Inside the Lab:Part III


The game we make may be a management game but that doesn’t mean we don’t need some kind of intro that will immerse the player to the game he will play after. First we decide what we want to show and make some quick drawings until we have decided the sequence we will show.

Inside the Lab:Part III

After the game designer gives the final ok the artist starts putting details to reach the final result that will satisfy us.

Inside the Lab:Part III Inside the Lab:Part III


Another “making of” reached its end. Today we showed you a small glimpse of the creative process of making the menu and the intro of our game. In part IV of Inside the Lab we will show you the magic behind what you see. The programming and how everything starts as simple numbers and ends as interactive graphics and sound. Until then you can check our website at We also wait you in our forums at to get to know us and discuss about BioLAB.

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