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Hey guys!
So my laptop is now probably not going to be returned to me until the fall. It's sad but currently I am (secretly) downloading it onto my moms old computer she doesn't even use anymore. So, I will be back in line with a new mod development. It may take some time, since I now have classes and the only time I will be able to work is after midnight (normally, depending on when my mom goes to bed or my brothers) I have come up with many things I want to do, and I'll let those that are watching this mod to decide:
- Labyrinth: the walls move as you descend into the maze. Only this time the Minotaur is dead, and you're haunted by something even worse.
- Annabeth: the tale of a father whose past is haunting him in his prison cell
- Dolly: personally, my favorite. You're a little girl in the Victorian ages whose dad has just bought you a new doll. Only this doll is cursed and you're more... young and fragile.
- Gretle and Hensal: we've heard of this story, Hansel and Gretel, but what about Gretle and Hensal? You wake up in the woods, feet away from a cannibals hut. And now, they're playing games with you.
- Afraid of the Dark?: another dark alley, and no light for you to hold. Only tinderboxes.
- Gagged and Blinded: kind of like Labyrinth, only nothing is really chasing you except your own imagination. Have fun ^.^
And that is the end of my list. If anything I'll start with Labyrinth because I have so many idea for it already. So, yeah thank! :D

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