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Summary of how Tree's summer has been (without modding) and some great news!

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Evening everyone, TreeGuy here.

Alright, so far this summer has kind of sucked. My birthday is this Saturday so it can't ALL suck but its whatever. ANYWAYS, time for some good news And lots of it!
One, today is the marker that I finally got my laptop back! Huge yay on my part, but unfortunately with school coming up I have to prepare and stuff so modding is going to be difficult. Inn the Tunnels is going to be released in early October hopefully on that note. Also, I have a three hour limit on my modding because I want to work on my school stuff (I had to take this excruciating summer course to prepare) so that is something else.
Two, I have my own channel which I think I posted but it was so long ago I couldn't remember. I may nor may not post some early previews of Inn the Tunnels but it will be kind of difficult. but I'm trying to focus on the good here, not the bad.
Third, I am looking forward to this! I WILL be releasing a demo here very shortly. Hopefully I can copy some stuff into a folder and throw that out as a demo.
Anyways, I also am trying to get an (infamousish, he just hit 800 subs which is awesome) YouTuber to try out the custom story. I'll throw him a link soon and he said he was looking forward to custom stories.
Well that is it for now. PM me for more details or whatnot and I'll try to get back to you.

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