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If you want to know what is this mod, this is the right article :)

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In this mod u have to avoid the WATER. You will encounter enemies and ally's. You will find items and guns.

You need to survive and AVOID AS MUCH WATER YOU CAN, and don't worry you will not die from thirst there are some liquids in the game that are good and they're not water, trust me.

Avoid traps and WATER, kill enemies, trust ally's and you will win the game.

I'm trying to finish the Half Life story... I already finished it but i replayed it but don't worry I'm at the end... kinda, so I'm gonna continue the mod before I finish the story. It should not take much time.

Download the map here (the map is not even in Beta or Alpha so please don't argue about the bad map, Thank you): Hammer Screenshot

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