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Greetings and Salutations everyone. I am giving a more detailed update to my teaser images posted some time ago.

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I know it has been a while and you are all probably curious about progress and the direction the mod has taken. Before this I would like to state due to real life events taking priority I do not post or visit the DB page much. I apologize for unanswered questions or lingering posts it is something that is unavoidable. In addition I would like to clearly state in the update due to the crazy nature of real life events that I will not put a release date so I can simply work on it when possible and not rush needed work.


Now it should be noted what will be included in 2.0 has been altered greatly in this time. Not only due to more content available from the wonderful EAW community but also due to refinement of what should or could be done. The Mod for a Mod initiative with IG-88 Rising is now fused into the 2.0 project for example. Other changes include the Kaminoans from being simply playable with minor tweaks to a full blown faction of their own, more sensible unit roster for IG-88, additional planets, overhauls and additions to the Neutral Factions, at least one additional GC and multiple new playable factions available in GC and Skirmish (I might even change the UI up a bit as well).

The Original Vision

It should be noted that despite all the changes the name and idea of the mod will always remain at its heart. I intend to keep the initial releases of the project on Moddb and will not port to Steam until the completion of 2.0. The Pirates and Mandalorians will be refined to be more thematically consistent but I intend to change as little game-play as possible to them unless deemed absolutely necessary. With the strong foundation of 1.0 thanks to Mogenar and his years of tireless work we shall have a strong starting point to expand the alternate Endor timeline. I thank you all for taking the time to read this and look forward to any feedback.

More Teasers

*Note I am not a modeler and all the models present are not of my own creation but of that wonderful community or Petroglyph. If you wish to know where you can find a model or who made it simply ask and I shall respond as soon as I see it.* Two additional teasers will be post following or with this update article.

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