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Here is some information about the adjustments you can make to the game. You will need a text editor and some patience for this, but most of the time it's really easy to do.

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Disable the russian audio:

  1. Navigate to gamedata/sounds
  2. Delete the folder characters_voice
    Note: The english voice acting isn't very good and there won't be a way of restoring the russian audio, unless you choose to rename the folder instead of deleting it (either works).

Dynamic HUD:
Enabling/disabling the helmet overlays.

  1. Navigate to gamedata/scripts and open dinamic_hud.script with a text editor.
  2. Find the line suithud_enable = X and change to the value of your choosing (X to 1 for "on" or 0 for "off").
    Note: I can't remember if i enabled the overlays for the release, since there is a glitch where they appear in cutscenes (breaks immersion), yet it is your choice about using them, since some think that decrease in field of view adds to the immersion (they are a double edged sword, if you ask me).
    Note #2: You can view pictures of the overlays here.

Enabling/disabling the bloody screen effect.

  1. Navigate to gamedata/scripts and open dinamic_hud.script with a text editor.
  2. Find the lines blood_enable, bleed_enable and hit_enable and set them to your choosing.
    Note: Do not enable blurs_enable feature, it causes a crash.

Change flashlight brightness/distance:

  1. Navigate to gamedata/configs/models/objects and open light_night.ltx in a text editor.
  2. Change parameters of your liking: spot_angle adjusts how wide the flashlight beam will be, whereas range defines how far it will shine.

Change the condition of the dropped weapons (NPCs).

  1. Navigate to gamedata/scripts/ and open death_manager/script with a text editor.
  2. Find the lines number 200, 206 and 223, with the following text in them (you can use control+f in most editors): item:set_condition(((math.random(20)+15)*(1+(math.random(50)/100)))/100) and local condition = (((math.random(30)+20)*(1+(math.random(50)/100)))/100) .
  3. The following formula is used for setting the condition:
    (((math.random([MAXIMUM AMOUNT TO ADD TO THE CONDITION])+[MINIMAL ITEM CONDITION])*(1+(math.random([MODIFIER #1])/100)))/100)
    where MODIFIER #1 is a value from 0-100 that is the maximum amount the calculated condition will be multiplied by (i did this to add more randomness and lower the average condition), 0 being 1.00 and 100 being 2.00.

Change the amount of money NPCs drop.

  1. Navigate to gamedata/scripts/ and open utility.script with a text editor.
  2. Go to line 9, where the following text is present money = math.random(1,50)
  3. Change the values as you please, the first one is minimal amount of money, whereas the other is the maximal amount of money a NPC can have.
    Note: if you look a bit down, you can see modifiers for each of the factions, so zombies drop less etc..

Change the possibility of mutants dropping parts.

  1. Navigate to gamedata/scripts/ and open nz_loot.script with a text editor.
  2. The syntax should be self explanatory, the added mutants are: cat and fracture (the zombie with long arms).

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