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Kaiserreich is an alternate history Total Conversion Mod originally for Darkest Hour and Hearts of Iron IV. The point of divergence in this mod is the Central Power victory over the Entente in the first World War. Now, I want to transport that wonderful world (independently of course) to Vicky 2.

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In 1917, the Kaiser finally decides not to restart unrestricted submarine warfare. Without the help of the United States, the French army is unable to push back the Germans, collapsing under a German offensive. The Central Powers first divided up the spoils of war, then offered an "Honourful Peace" to the Entente, ending the Weltkrieg on November 11, 1921.

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After fighting a brutal seven-year war, both France and Britain They fall into union rebellions. The Commune of France and the Union of Great Britain are formed.


The Russian socialist revolution is crushed by the White Russians with the help of German troops.


In the Americas, Herbert Hoover, who presides over the 1929 New York Stock Exchange crash and the start of the Great Depression that only affects the Americas, as most of the world now revolves around the Berlin values.

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The Mexican government is overthrown by Zapatista unionists.

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