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A quick outline of what to expect, going over the features planned for the mod

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Hey there,

In case you haven't worked it out yet, Sins of the Sirius Sector is a mod for Rebellion based on the universe of Freelancer/Starlancer.

As such, there are a quite a few differences in the playstyle this mod will present than you may be used to with regular Sins of a Solar Empire and/or Rebellion.

The first point is that the majority of warfare in SotSS is conducted with autonomous fighter craft.
The Fighters in the Freelancer universe are very advanced, containing high speed 'cruise drives' and able to operate for extended periods of time without service.

In the Mod this they will be protrayed similar to Rebellion Corvettes.
Fighters have 4 basic classes; Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Very Heavy Fighter and Bomber.

Capital Ships in SotSS will also be very different. They will be much less common, much more expensive as well as more powerful, however they will not be using the regular Rebelion Capital system. Capital ships will get a dedicated news post in future to go into more detail of their roles and usage.

Freighters and Combat Freighters will round out each factions fleet as various fire support and supply ships.

The regular capital system from Rebellion will be altered to facilitate 'Ace Pilots'
These will be customised fighters and freighters that are piloted by experianced officers of your faction, they will gain new abilities and raise in rank as they gain XP.

The Titan system will also be altered to facilitate 'Artifact Ships' wich will be a form of 'Super Battleship' for each faction. These will also get their own news post in the future to go into more depth of the proposed system.

Resources in SotSS will be altered slightly,

Credits will remain the same

Metals will become Materials representing various alloys, frameworks and other parts required for constructing ships and structures.

Crystal will become Personnell. Personnel are required to build ships and structures as they represent the military people of your faction. Fighters will use one as a pilot, freighters a crew of 3-10, capital ships requiring many more crew. Colonising planets will also require personnell to be shipped to the planet.
this means there will be no more 'crystal asteroids' instead, you will find 'Freeports' around the map wich can be captured, and then supply a steady stream of new recruits. Each faction will also have an 'Academy' or similar structure wich can pull recruits from your planets population.

So thats just a quick outline, expect to hear more soon going into more detail of the mods features!

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