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A new dungeon is available, new features, quality of life changes and more!

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Infestus Beta 11

Cavern of Torment - A new dungeon!

Notable Changes & New Features

Singleplayer & Co-Op support
Singleplayer & Co-Op - Mod DB Improved World Map - You can now see which quests an NPC has to offer
Improved World Map - Mod DB Added spell casting animations & improved magic particles
Magic Projectiles & Anims #2 - Mod DB

Magic Projectiles & Anims #1 - Mod DB Added particle based NPC types
Magic based NPCs - Mod DB A simple night cycle system
A Simple Night Cycle System - Mod DB Improved Group Interface Misc
  • Instant Fire Blast spell
  • Target HUD will draw spell cast bar, if target is trying to cast a spell
  • Improved hit detection, especially with magic & ranged based attacks
  • Improved HUD, UI & GUI 4K support
  • Added proper ammo logic for crossbows
  • Overhauled master server logic and migrated to SQLite

For a full changelog, check this link
and to obtain a key, check this link

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