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On July 16th, 2003, Inferno R1 was released. Woomeister posted on our Eyecandy thread on Hard Light Productions a few pics showing off the main differences between old and current INF builds. A video is also featured!

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2003 - 2013. A decade of releases
Yesterday, Inferno turned 10. On July 16th, 2003, Inferno Release 1 came out. Many things have changed since then, and the newer versions of the product are under continuous development. For the 10th anniversary, Woomeister, the project leader, decided to post a number of pictures showing what's changed over the years.

Woomeister wrote: Most people probably won't know this but InfernoR1 was released exactly 10 years today on fileplanet 16th July 2003. So a trip down memory lane and a slight comparison between 2 specific missions, the Diablo arrival and the attack on Earth 'Nemesis'.

In the original R1 campaign the Diablo arrives in mission 8 during a node blockade. In the current campaign it shows up also during a node blockade, but a totally different mission to the originals involving just the Vasudans. This mission is mission 19 of the current campaign.

Mission 14 of the original campaign was by most considered one of the first BOE done right missions, though some found the final assault on the Nemesis itself near the end difficult. The current version is mission 29 the 2nd to last mission in the campaign as before. However don't expect mission 30 to be the Gigas fight as the final confrontation with the Nemesis continues into the final mission. A close up fight near Earth with the EA flagship, but that won't be the only problem you'll be facing in Earth orbit...

Watch the Allied forces fighting the Diablo, before and after the facelift!
The battle over Earth as it was in 2003... and as it is right now!

Earth Alliance Tech Video
Here's a video showing off many of our models and effects!

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well then... Happy Birthday! Wish you lots of success. I'm gonna play this a hundred times!!

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Cookiestealer - - 468 comments

It was great, and became fantastic. Happy Birthday!

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