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Announcing the release of the latest version of **INFANTRY** for Running With Rifles.

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If you like my work and wish to support my endeavours, consider leaving a quick review and rating in the community rating section on the mod page Infantry Mod Project

Infantry ModDB

--------------------------------------------------------**OVERHAUL MOD**--------------------------------------------------------

Audio - Special Effects - Soldier Models - Vehicle Models - GUI -World Textures

--------------------------------------------------------**OVERHAUL MOD**--------------------------------------------------------

An Audio & Visual Realism Total Overhaul Mod for Running With Rifles.

Designed from the ground up to work with the official invasion servers.

Designed for 7.1 Surround Sound Emulation Software or Speaker Setup.

Patched to RWR v1.70.3

!! Not Visually Compatible with RWR Pacific DLC !!

Pacific Compatibility will come with Infantry Pacific

In development


Infantry 1.6(Core)

Infantry 1.3 (CORE)

The aim of the INFANTRY MOD PROJECT is to turn Running With Rifles

into a more realistic visually & audibly engaging, believable third person tactical shooter,

introducing new game mechanics that respect the integrity of the original game while also being compatible with the official invasion servers.

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INFANTRY MOD was originally first launched on Steam Workshop 11th February 2017 as version 1.0

Due to the nature of the mod overwriting vanilla game files and its shear size (in excess of 1GB uncompressed), this has caused much controversy on Steam Workshop and the Steam Workshop Terms of Service, very much so that i have been in private contact with Jack Mayol an RWR developer, he has allowed me to list the mod on Steam Workshop contrary to the terms of services interpretation which is very kind of him to do so.

The mod has simply grown so large now that i cannot feasibly host it on Steam Workshop and have decided to make ModDB the new home of INFANTRY MOD to further develop the mod and give its fans more power through customizability of what they want to download from the INFANTRY MOD PROJECT.

Feature Summary

Access to Official Invasion Servers

Online player soldier model rank skins for Airborne, Commando & Special Forces.

Enhanced and improved lobby map, all weapons are available including rares in lobby stash.

All support calls are available in the lobby map, tank and APC are parked in the lobby map.


Soundtrack - by Kevin Macleod {All This Scoring Action – Remixed by Anzac Joe, Impact Moderato}
Small Arms - Realistic gunfire, bullet impacts
Explosives - Realistic explosions, fragmentation, high explosive, rubble debris, armour impact
Heavy Weapons - Realistic cannon fire, shell ejection, shell floor tumble, breach loading
Artillery - Realistic battery gunfire, incoming shell, shell impact
Realistic Decible Scaling - Weapon sounds scaled from lowest to highest 'SD Pistol to Tank Cannon'

Special Effects:

Small Arms - Spent ammo casing ejection
Small Arms - Bullet impact damage on static objects & random embeded bullet glow
Small Arms - Muzzle flash & smoke, bullet tracer, bullet impact sparks & smoke
Explosives - Explosion flash, heat, sparks, debris & smoke
Heavy Weapons - Armour impact sparks, rocket launcher backblast flash & smoke, rocket trails
Fire & Smoke - Fire flash, heat & embers, ground level smoke, heat rise smoke
Blood Splatter - Heavy caliber bullets will create a blood splatter effect on impact with soldiers

Soldier Models:
Heavily modified 'Man vs World Campaign' soldier models

Different Environments - Woodland, Desert, Winter
Regular Infantry - Ranks 'Private to Lieutenant', no headgear, field cap, bandana, balaclava, helmet
Paratroopers - Ranks 'Captain to Colonel', red & maroon berets
Commandos - Ranks 'Brigadier General to General', green berets & face paint
Special Forces - Rank 'General of the Army', red & khaki berets, face paint

Graphical User Interface:

Aiming Cursor System - Transparent crosshair, shot quality indicator, impact point & line of sight
Mapview Screen - Improved situational awareness, detailed map objects, detailed soldier silhouettes
Mapview Screen - Player map icons restyled, Map view alert and battle alert icons restyled
Mapview Screen - Faction specific detailed vanilla stylised map icons for vehicles and objects
Hud Small Arm Graphics - Detailed small arm graphics created from real photos {partial coverage}
Hud Heavy Weapon Graphics - Detailed heavy weapon graphics created from real photos
Hud Commander & Soldier Graphics - chat icons restyled
Hud Support Call Graphics - High detailed vanilla styled support call icons (light infantry)
Hud Meter Graphics - Detailed capture & defend icons

World Textures:

Terrain - Detailed high-res textures for woodland, island, desert & winter maps
Buildings - Detailed high-res textures, windows, doors, roofs, walls
Static Objects - Detailed high-res textures for boxes, crates, fences, signs, rocks, walls

Pictures below showcase **INFANTRY** 1.57 (CORE) + Infantry Textures 1.32e

20180512215216 1

You can also check out my videos on my YouTube Channel, they are old videos of INFANTRY 1.1 i will be uploading new content to my channel soon. YouTube Channel - Anzac Joe

Have fun with Running With Rifles and **INFANTRY** 1.6 !

Cheers !



by Josef Mueller {Anzac Joe}

is licensed under a Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If you like my work and wish to support my endeavours, consider leaving a quick review and rating in the community rating section on the mod page Infantry Mod Project

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