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Infantry Divisions are now planned, but do not expect them for a while

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Mighty Divisions Part 2 - Infantry Divisions follows the 4 main Infantry Divisions in Europe

1st Infantry Division "Big Red One" - Fighting from the Dunes of Africa 1943 to the Encirclement of the Ruhr Pocket in 1945 the Big Red One fights in 9 battle hardened missions

1. El Guettar
2. Gela - Map in Progress
3. Troina
4. Omaha Beach - Map Completed, Mission in Progress
5. Caumont
6. Aachen
7. Hurtgen Forest
8. Siegfried Line
9. Paderborn

The 51st Highland Division - Fights from France 1940 coming back after 4 years and across the Rhine in 8 Missions

1. Saint-Valéry-en-Caux
2. El Alamein
3. Wadi Akarit
4. Breville - Map Completed
5. Colombelles
6. Lisieux
7. Arnemuider
8. Kekkens

29th Panzergrenadier Division - Defending Italy 1943 as best as they can till they're death in 1945 in 6 hardcore missions

1. Messina
2. Salerno
3. Anzio
4. San Pietro
5. Monte Pollino
6. Monte Pennino

The 1st Canadian Infantry Division - Moving through Italy to Holland in 7 bloody battles

1. Calabria
2. South Ortona
3. Central Ortona
4. Gothic Line
5. Lomone Crossing
6. Rimini Line
7. Netherlands

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