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Pay what you want for Syder Arcade on indiegamestand! DRM free + Desura, Android version preview, our 7DFPS prtotype Splat Arena, the game OST, and you even get to help charity. Get!

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We are on sale on until to november 20, and with this sale we are relasing a first beta of our upcoming mobile version for Android. Dont' worry iOS users, it's coming to apple devices too! Just not in the bundle :D

If you want to support Studio Evil current and future projects, you can pay what you want and get a lot fo stuff!


- DRM free version and Desura version for Pc and MAC
- Android Version Beta ! It's not even on Google store yet! World premiere! :D
- The game OST (you can check it out on soundcloud)
- Our 7DFPS protoype Splat Arena ( I know, we suck there is not even an indiedb page yet)
- 10% of the cash goes to Medicins Sans Frontiers

pictured above, 7DFPS Splat Arena

Not yet confirmed but it's very likely that we will be able to give steam keys to customers if we manage to get greenlit. I know everyone else is promising these kind of things, but we still have to recive a confirmation from Valve.


Hi Not sure if your the Dev of Syder Arcade or not but I bought the game from indiegamestand and the Android version crashes on my phone. It loads up to the part where you pick your ship and then loads a bit and brings me back to my homescreen. Seeing that this game is still new there isn't much on the net about troubleshoots.

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DIT Author

We are the Devs of Syder Arcade :)
I'm sorry to hear the game crashes, but the Android version on indiegamestand is a beta, so it' a little bit unstable.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your phone?

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