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It's our first day on IndieDB and we've already received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Thank you!

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After waking up this morning to finish the draft of our IndieDB Profile we were surprised to discover a few numbers changed. We're a little embarrassed, actually, because we left the profile in a nasty state yesterday evening and weren't expecting anyone to visit - but we're thankful for those of you who left feedback and tracked the game!

We'll try to log in at least once a week to update our IndieDB Profile with custom updates. We encourage users to follow us on all social media networks because our easter egg during development is that each network will get unique updates; for example we already released a sample teaser video, but it wont appear here. If you're interested in finding additional content during pre-development/development, the bold are rewarded! :D

While Project Battlezone is a port, it's not a port in the traditional sense. We will be using the original models as a proxies during development while improving upon them and animating them to modern standards - the original game being over a decade old driven by a dated engine. We will also be changing the art style - we're seeking a wireframe/cell shaded look to revive the look of the very original virtual reality arcade edition of Battlezone. Additionally, we will need to engineer this game from scratch - that's a given. By the time an alpha is made available, it will be a unique installment to the series! Users should be aware that this development will not be an "overnight achievement", thank you for your patience!

Users looking for a concept reference scope our our Battlezone 2v2 Tournament: Operation "Storm Attack" Retro Mural hosted on this website. That's a rendered goal, not a live Unreal Engine 4 screenshot.

The remainder of this week is dedicated to finishing the port of America & Russia models into Unreal Engine 4 and getting our Wiki online for Battlezone & Battlezone II: Combat Commander. While we may be developing an installment, we encourage users to get a copy of Battlezone or Battlezone II: Combat Commander and participate the community. There are many factors contributing to a quickly diminishing society for this great videogame, and they could use all the support they can get during these rough times. Users interested in getting the original games and the necessary patches can find instructions on our website.

"I can see it now... Manson's Battlezone... three. Hey, I ain't got nothing else to do!"

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