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A teaser trailer showing some outdated graphics but explains our game play well.

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A teaser trailer showing some outdated graphics, but explains our gameplay pretty well. Using the right equipment at the right time can, and will make a difference in capturing explicit proof of the paranormal. Advance through the game to unlock new equipment and new investigations based on some real life occurences. Only constructive criticism please.

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

This could be good... but yeah, you guys really need to upgrade your graphics. I like the idea that you're putting a more detective face to the concept. I'll track, because I'm curious about this.

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FuriousChad Author
FuriousChad - - 33 comments

Thank you Paradigmthefallen. As everyone starts somewhere, this is our somewhere. We started this in 2009 without knowing the difference between an Array and a Z-Buffer, and to actually be within really showcasing something worthwhile, is exciting and a bit nerve-racking at the same time.

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Dra6o0n - - 534 comments

Games like these needs the graphics and effects to be on par with Amnesia Dark Descent else you won't have the same fear and adventure factor.

But yeah you need to be very creative when creating a dynamic paranormal game, since there's not a ton you can do in a first person game in terms of functionality.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Graphics don't always matter. Dark Forces is one of the most solid Star Wars shooters I've ever played, and it's barely above ray-casting games of old.

They're clearly being creative and dynamic. And there actually -is- some things you can do with first person gaming functionality (look up Dishonoured and Mirror's Edge, if you doubt me).

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Anddos - - 390 comments

nice idea, do you watch ghost hunters and ghost adventures on syfi ?, you could get some idea's from those shows mate.

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PabloLeChuck - - 8 comments

Like the idea, keep working!

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MattCohen - - 611 comments

Sounds awesome! While my game, Paranormal, is focused more on the scares and replayability, yours seems to focus on the actual investigation, which is something other games don't do. I look forward to this!

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FuriousChad Author
FuriousChad - - 33 comments

@Anddos: We do watch both shows, and serve as a large influence in the design of the investigations in the game.

@MattDementous: thanks for the support, and we're watching your game with eagerness!

@All: The graphics are being revamped, have no fear, except in game of course.

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