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Demeine 2.0 has been halted for the foreseeable future. I then show some unseen content to try to lessen the potential disappointment.

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Hi, as the title states, this isn't exactly good news but I'd rather post about it earlier than later.

Quite honestly, I have made very little (if any) significant progress on the mod over the last two months. I lost the energy I had to work on the mod and I haven't felt the drive to do anything with it. This isn't to say it's completely canceled, but obviously it won't be out any time soon. I apologize to those who have following its progress and anticipating the release.

To try to make this slightly less disappointing, here are some more unseen items and classes I've had around for a while.

2018 06 17 14 53 21 MagicaVoxel

The odachi. This was an early model I haven't updated, hence why it looks less detailed.

2018 06 17 14 50 46 MagicaVoxel

Clothing made of pelts and hide ... or that's what it was supposed to look like, anyways.

2018 06 17 14 54 05 MagicaVoxel

A new helmet.

A wooden mask decorated with plants.

And as for the classes:

Temple Knight; Armored soldier utilizing both some magic and melee. They can assist allies through curing ailments, and can hold their own ground as well.
Difficulty: easy

Alchemist; Herb and concoction brewing specialist. Carries an impressive variety of potions, however they're otherwise unfit for conventional fighting.
Difficulty: normal

Bureaucrat; Wealthy government official. Charismatic and has a deep understanding of public policy, but how far can that take them in the dungeon?
Difficulty: extreme

Once again, I want to apologize for the postponement, but personally I don't feel like I'll be delivering something quality unless I'm putting in work that has drive behind it.


A shame.. I hate that lack of drive. Best of luck and I hope you manage to finish it as you want at some point in the near(ish) future :)

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