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It's finally here! Download Inconsummate, and experience the fall of Aiur through a unique perspective!

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Inconsummate - Patch 1.32

Inconsummate requires version 1.16.1 of StarCraft: Brood War.

It's finally here! What a wild ride. Though it was released publicly before its completion for the past month and a half, I decided to wait until the campaign's completion before uploading it to ModDB. Map 7, an accessory map that sets the stage for the sequel, will be coming sometime in the near future. I hope you enjoy the campaign!

Why should you play Inconsummate?

Inconsummate stands apart from other StarCraft: Brood War custom campaigns. It features:
A diverse voice cast. Experience the story without having to read the lines out loud.
Custom terrain. Some of the highest quality graphical edits the game has ever seen decorate the battlefields of Aiur, allowing for dynamic thematics and visual storytelling.
A real challenge. Sporting custom AI scripts and unique level designs, Inconsummate's missions will engage you with unpredictable trials, testing both your skill and adaptability.
New heroes and abilities. Inconsummate's characters don't behave like their vanilla counterparts. Your ghost hero packs two stuns for powerful crowd control, and your defiler hero attacks viciously in close quarters and sustains back the health by consuming its allies.
A story with scale. Inconsummate is meant to augment StarCraft's storytelling, not replace it. The tale told within this campaign will answer important questions about the minutia of Blizzard's own story, while simultaneously sharing a memorable experience that stands on its own merits.
And if that wasn't enough, the content within Inconsummate will be expanded upon well past the remit of an ordinary campaign. Additional chapters of this story will be produced as time goes on.

Trust me - you won't want to miss out on this!

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