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0.7 has been and gone - but unfortunately real-life has got in the way and delayed an update.

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So, after mixed reviews for 0.7 - which is okay, it's an alpha and widely unfinished, but a release nonetheless, it's about time for an update. There's still an awful lot to do - especially with my rig destroying itself, meaning I have to reanimate every single ship and put it through the OE. This means one of two things - either, we have some ships animated, others not, or no ships animated. Ideally, I want this release to be fully 3d - not a single placeholder model, and for us to make use of Jaguar-Lords fantastic new assets. All of this will be the case. The models are the only concern for me - my exporter has borked. Completely. So I'll be spending a few days fixing that, although I can still model, texture, rig and animate in the meantime.

As my luck is pretty abysmal - things have been pretty terrible for myself and my family. Multiple losses of family members to cancer and stresses have left us pretty beat up, and that left me hugely lost for motivation. I'll never leave this project - not until 1.0 is up for certain. Not until what my vision entails is finally in your hands.

0.75 Update Notes:

  • New main menu and front end models
  • Fully 3d models
  • New Game Modes
  • Updated Torpedo Code
  • New icons
  • Updated weapon values
  • Refined maps

- Not everything (3d...) may be in this release, but there will be one.

After 0.75

  • Weapon facings
  • Animations
  • FX
  • Redesigned UI.
  • Intro Sequence
  • Soundtrack

And finally:
We need assistance. AI code is a desperate need. An absolute must, please message if you are interested in this.

Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

Oh feck yes.

I'll read this first thing tomorrow! :P

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Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

I'm sorry for your loss man. :(

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asemo12000 - - 92 comments

my aunt died of cancer and that was ruff on my family, cant imagine losing multiple family members that way or any other way, I'm sorry for your losses.

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56er - - 1,253 comments


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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

"Thank the Dark Gods....!"

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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

Man I will throw in money for a Data recovery procedure if it isn't able to be done by you. :) Which isn't that hard with easy recovery pro.

Hell I will even throw in money to get you a caddy, to be able to hook up the 2.5 or 3.5 sata up to your pc. :P

Talk back. :P

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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

my exporter has borked

Happy to talk about that as well. :P

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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

I get the feeling you edited that incoming update.
As that wasn't the way I remember it last night.

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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

Thought about a community grant for media development?
Thought about a proposal to GW for development of their BFG game in a media format other then 3d media, IE interactive media?

The recovery of data is the easy part man. :)

Many many more options and avenues for you to pursue if you talk about it. :)

Remember talking before you leap saves lives. :)

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GreenScorpion - - 1,935 comments

My condolences i also have been on a less lucky time, recently for me in 3 weeks, 3 deaths. It was a bit too much and so i do hope you recover from that events.

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